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What's the matter - afraid of temptation?

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Born an incubus, Pandemonius was elevated to god status. Taking over the role that Velevana once filled after her defeat, he is the god of Underdark drow. He is also considered a god of pleasure, lust, dreams, greed, chaos, destruction, and rebirth. While he is not yet considered part of any particular pantheon, he has been acknowledged by the Caelsimillian Pantheon.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Like most other demons, little is known about who Pandemonius was before his rebirth as an incubus. Even so, he was unusual among his brethren. Common to even the most ambitious of fiendish entities was an acceptance of the inevitable paths and the roles they were pretedermined to follow. The black-and-white laws of the universe allowed no opportunity for fiends to ever evolve past their wicked ways, nor any knowledge of what led them to their eternal punishment in the first place. Unique among his kind, the incubus quietly found their existence absurd and infuriating. As a result, his ambition far exceeded that of his peers, as the soon-to-be god craved the kind of knowledge and power that would seperate him from the demon lords and gods of his own kind.   He was summoned by Zakina Kociak-Falenmir to help the party in their battle against Velevana. Pandemonius, however, kept his distance from the group, too stunned and with enough sense of self-preservation to attack a literal goddess. After the battle, Zakina and her friends forgot about him entirely, leaving him in solitude on the defeated goddess's former plane. During this time, he spent many months harnessing the lingering chaotic magic, ultimately claiming the plane as his own before it could fade into obscurity.     Due to Zakina's actions, Pandemonius had the chance to break free from the shackles of his fate. He ascended to godhood, becoming a minor deity and a big deal to the drow who had lost their goddess. Pandemonium is quite active, with a hellish prison where he delights in torturing the souls that find themselves trapped there. Frequently, the god is torn between the pleasure he takes in his wicked deeds and the power he craves and his desire to change the very laws of the universe for the betterment of every soul within it.

Gender Identity

Among other denizens native to the Abyss, he has a somewhat more stable sense of gender identity.


Contacts & Relations

  • Iolond - Officially considered allies, the two have a complicated relationship that spans from open and playful to derisive and distrusting.
  • Zakina Kociak-Falenmir - Somewhere between cautious friendship and genuine, affectionate intimacy, the two are firmly landed in "friends with benefits" territory.
  • Rikius Falenmir - Tense allies and acquaintances, they usually remain guarded around each other, but the walls come down occasionally.
  • Altamere - A mutual, intense distrust that spills into outright hatred. Openly hostile, any direct encounter between the pair is likely to end in violence.
  • Mezzanine - Pandemonius's personal arch-demon, she wasn't chosen by the god, but rather called to the position inexplicably. Though Pandemonius rarely mentions here and leaves the demon out of most of his personal affairs, the pair get along swimmingly and thoroughly enjoy each others' presence, though the nature of their relationship may display behavior that seemingly suggests otherwise. She is loyal to Pandemonius and eager to assist him in any way she can.
  • Divine Classification
    Minor God, Demon, Incubus
    Chaotic Evil
    Current Location
    Generally bright red, pink, lilac, or gold
    Usually black, red, or steel grey; it's generally worn long and loose
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    "Worship me."
    "I love being evil. I want to hurt people - but I don't want to want it. I want a choice."
    "Why should we be be punished for crimes we can't even remember committing?"
    "Justice is arbitrary."
    "I'm a demon- I can't help it."
    "I'm going to reset the universe whether you agree to help me or try to stop me."
    "Tell me how much you like it."
    "If you like it, what's the big deal?"

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