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Order of the Oracle's Eye

Worship of the oracle is generally free form, and with little formal recognition. But many of those same followers had gone on to organize an assotion of followers, but religious and just moral. The Order is a religion without a formal priesthood; though the Staves- a branch dedicated to healing and knowledge- comes close. Typical worship involves gathering not in specific meeting halls, but instead the homes and businesses of fellow worshipers or in serene nature. Members of the Order aide each other when they can, they seek to understand history and a theology of understanding and compassion.


The Order essentially exists in two branches, the Swords of the Oracle and the Staves of the Oracle. Both exist on equal footing, and both serve the oracle, Industria, and there is much cross between the two. Typically the Swords serve as monster slayers, and protectors- both for pay and for the public good. The Staves act more purely altruistic, almost always offering their services for free- albeit gladly taking (or encouraging) payment from those who can- as well as educating within the Academy.   Rumor exsists of a third organization, servants of the Sword and Stave created the Eyes who watch members of the Order for abuse and missuse. The Eyes serve as a somewhat secret police in Florence as well- though officially they're a branch of the Swords this team is kept elite and secret.

Public Agenda

To serve the Oracle, and promote good in the world.


The Order sits on vast sums of wealth- much of it made from the work of the Staves and Swords, who gladly collect donations for much of their services. Additionally, the Oracle herself donates much of what she (and her organizations) earn.

Divine Origins

The Order has its root in the early early years of the Oracle Industria's life. Though she sold her childhood house and left for the Crusade old friends stayed behind. Unbeknownst to her, many of her mother's old allies and friends met in secret. Many working for the Caelsimilian priesthood word reached back of the forgotten daughter of their old friend. These rumors and secret conferences formed the backbone of what would become the Order- their stories and legends of their old friend's daughter's adventures with her friends to win the war pulled at the heartstrings of many; these early devotees would become the first members of the Order.

Tenets of Faith

  1. All life is precious, to end another without just cause is to betray that is to sin.
  2. To love life is to love the Oracle, and to love is to be loved.
  3. Defend the weak, be they a poverty stricken family or hapless doe.
  4. Seek not to destroy evil, but to keep it at bay and use the wisdom from these acts to better thy self.
  5. Give what you can to those who need it, just to ensure you are not to need it thyself.


Worship of the Oracle requires your whole heart, those who call her their goddess begin at home. Act kindly and forgive those who harm you, this does not require you trust them again. Most often worship comes in the form of helping those who need it, but especially other followers and especially members of the priesthood. Worshipers always keep their door open to fellow adherents if they can afford it, sharing bread and board without charge. No formal temples or churches exist, though informal services are often held in the houses and estates of those who can afford it on special days, or in natural locations of interest such as a great elm or near a waterfall. Finally, the education of children, especially at the Florence Academy of Higher Education is often considered a form of worship.   Common traditions forming along adherents are the Oracle's Marriage Rights, Birth Blessings, several holy rights for those joining the Order proper, yearly birth celebrations with renewed blessings, Età Pari, as well as some carnal exaltation. Rarer are those who take pilgrimages, often to the home city of Florence or the near mountain passes where Industria grew up or the site of several of the great deeds fulfilled by the Allies. The most important tradition among the faithful however are the Funerary Rights.   Though not a requirement, many choose to serve in either the Swords or Staves, mercenaries and healers for hire or the needy.


There exists no real priesthood, infact those preaching at Order meeting tend to be lay folk rather than a proper clergy. They are not without leaders however; the Order leadership tend to be those who have given much to the cause- opening their houses and businesses to the needy allowing them near unconditional access.

Granted Divine Powers

Those of particular note may find themselves blessed with powerful divine spells.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Thanks to the general acceptance of the Caesimil gods, a sect devoted to what is essentially a lower level one was able to grow quite quickly. Because of this, Industria was able to seize a good amount of political power, installing a near de facto religious state in the city of Florence.

Et vis videre lucem in mundo

Founding Date
Religious, Sect
Controlled Territories

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