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Oracle's Passage


The Oracle revised many old traditions in the Caelsimillian Pantheon- infact basing many off those she was raised on.


Before death the body is fully submerged and bathed in running natural water; the body is then clothed in only a white gown as the deceased's loved ones gather and the funeral begins. At the funeral it is common for those who felt wronged by the dead forgive them to aleviate their journey to the afterlife, guided by the Oracle. Then stories are shared of the deceased while the body is carried to its final resting place.
Most final resting places are at the base of trees or long lived plants to share their nurishment back with nature, though in areas of high populaiton they tend to not be burried in the wild but instead on Death Gardens. These are well maintaned gardens, often by local Order members, that primarily have flowers and public greenery.

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