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Mikael Glaes

General Mikael Glaes

Former General in the Teme-Rasadan military; active during the Caelsimil Crusade against Teme-Rasadar. He was stationed in Marlee , where he was eventually assassinated.     Played a hand in the repeated torture of Rikius Falenmir.

Personality Characteristics


His first priority was victory over the enemy. He was relentless in pursuit of this goal- unwilling to budge or concede in any capacity, even when it was impractical or detrimental to the over-all well being of his men or his nation.

Vices & Personality flaws

Easily threatened or angered and intolerant to criticism, he had an inferiority complex that made him prone to excessive exertions of power. Had little interest in recognizing the talent of his subordinates.
Circumstances of Death
Assassinated by Caelsimilan Military

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