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Lucky Kociak

Written by Kalvorp; Art by Frankie V.

Prince Luciancielle Vernanci Kociak-Ferus (a.k.a. Lucky, Lulu, Lucille, Lucien)

Lucky is a catfolk, a former prince, and a lich. They are the indirect ancestor of Zakina Kociak-Falenmir, and an advocate for undead rights.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lucky is tall and incredibly slender, with a thin, bony sillhouette. In life, they were frail and weak, with a sickly complexion and poor constitution.

Body Features

Being a catfolk, Lucky has two wide, feline-like ears and a large, fluffy tail long enough to wrap around somebody to keep warm. Dark claws and tight skin clings to their silhouette, and their purple eyes sometimes glow with arcane magic.

Facial Features

They have a long, bony face with thin, shapely lips and accentuated cheekbones. There are dark circles of sunken skin beneath their eyes.

Identifying Characteristics

Lucky has several brown and cream colored body markings. Most notably are the small dots beneath their eyes and the one beneath their lower lip. The various holes that litter their body reveal strangely purple sinew.

Physical quirks

Thanks to their phylactery, Lucky's wounds often heal themselves and sometimes reappear later in a different spot. Without their Daywalker Amulet activated, their skin is dry and cold to the touch.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lucky was born into royalty on the Isles of Basilla, the first of two children. They inherited a genetic condition at birth that left them frail and deathly ill, resulting in a childhood of isolation and, eventually, neglect. Through their personal educational tutor, they met and fell in love with Remy. In their adolescence, the two ran away together, fleeing the island on a merchant ship.   After traveling Lutherios together for many years with no particular goal in mind, Lucky discovered a love of life far away from Basilla. Unwilling to lose it to their illness, or lose their long-time partner, they began to study necromancy in hopes of achieving immortality. Naturally gifted, Lucky not only learned the ritual extroardinarily quickly, but also modified it to suit their needs. With Remy as the sacrifice, rather than a life of undeath, their partner would be fated to return to them through reincarnation so the pair could be together forever. When Remy did not agree, Lucky proceeded without their consent - sacrificing them anyway.   After gaining lichdom, many of their memories were sealed away and Lucky forgot who they were. Allthe same, they waited an eternity for their return, but were instead found by an indirect descendent. It was discovered that one of her allies was the reincarnated soul of Remy, but he wanted little to do with the lich considering they're betrayal. Eventually, Lucky was able to piece together the bits of their life and free Remy's soul before finding love in another undead.   Together, the two founded the city Necropolis, where they both preside, providing homes for other undead beings.

Gender Identity

Genderfluid; he, she, they


Lucky received private tutoring from a master of he arcane arts on Basilla, whose lessons were usually one-on-one. Occasionally, other students would be present in class when time constraints made it otherwise impossible for Lucky to taught by their mentor, which was some of the little social interaction that the prince was afforded.   Most of their other education was self-guided or self-taught, and often learned through hands on experience.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Lucky is a legendarily powerful sorcerer-turned wizard who achieved in a few years what it takes other mages nearly a lifetime to achieve. They have an extensive understanding of the arcane arts, and are capable of creating and modifying their own spells. Extroardinarily, they discovered the secret ritual to obtaining immortality via lichdom, and even modified the spell semi-successfully.   They are well traveled and have visited every continent on Lutherios, as well as a vast number of inner and outer planes throughout the universe. They have experience interacting with beings that many may never even know exist for certain, and they intend to discover explore as much of the universe as it has to offer.   Together with their partner Jordeira Ferus, they have founded Lutherios's first public city of undead, and fight to have their rights recognized throughout the world.

Mental Trauma

Lucky suffers from complex PTSD as a result of their childhood trauma, and experiences dissociative amnesia. They have developed multiple distinct, fractured personalities to cope with the extreme stress of all that they have endured. In addition, they also struggle with emotional dysregulation due to their sheltered upbringing, as well as anxiety attacks, flashbacks, and hypersexuality resulting from sexual abuse.

Morality & Philosophy

  • All races and species deserve equal opportunity and a right to exist and prosper, and no one is inherently more deserving of liberty or freedom than anyone else. Anybody could have something worthwhile or valuble to contribute.
  • People deserve second chances, and compassion is virtuous, but beyond that point, victims deserve retribution.
  • Devotion to another is eternal. Bonds are everything, and should be protected at all costs.
  • A life in shackles is not one worth living.
  • Perserverance in the face of adversity is a necessity that demonstrates strength of character.
  • Pleasure ought to be indulged in.
  • Personality Characteristics


    Lucky feels called to traverse even the most distant and exotic corners of the universe, and yearns to travel all across not only Lutherios, but the entire planar system. There is always somewhere new to explore and something new to experience - anything less would be a life wasted.   They are also motivated by love, compassion, and a desire for companionship. They seek out comfort in the arms of others, and srive to be adored and understood.

    Savvies & Ineptitudes

    Lucky's knowledge and understanding of magic is so thorough that they are capable of extensively modifying existing spells and rituals and even inventing new magic entirely. They have a natural knack for the arcane arts and favor necromancy in particular. In addition, they are a fast learner, and highly motivated. This allows them to solve complex magical problems quicker than most, and they have an easy time understanding magical theory. They are also talented at crafting, especially blades and magical items.   They are an expert gardener with a high level of attentiveness to the various flowers and other plants that they care for. Their gardens are generally vibrant and teeming with life. They are also good with animals, who are often uniquely unfazed by their undead nature, and empathize easily with others. This makes them naturally nurturing, and quick to offer comfort to those around them.   On the other hand, their social inexperience and compassionate nature makes them vulnerable to manipulation and very easy to exploit. They often display dramatic, emotionally volatile behavior, which leads to rash and irrisponsible decision-making. They handle direct confrontation poorly, and have a tendency to flee and self-isolation. These childish, emotional behaviors often result in others underestimating or undermining their capabilities, which has a catastrophic impact on their fragile self-esteem.

    Likes & Dislikes

    Lucky loves being doted on, and they're very receptive to physical touch. They tend to respond positively to things like cuddling, hand holding, hugging, kissing, or having their hair played with, and they sometimes lack a concept of personal space. In addition, they also appreciate compliments and praise, which they are more than happy to return in kind, and love the thought behind gift-giving.   Hobbies include reading, gardening, traveling, card games, and practicing magic. They love vibrant colors, and they're fond of children and animals.     Due to past experiences, they dread spending extended time in dense or dark forests or on Basilla. They feel suffocated in their childhood home, and prefer to remain away most of the time. In fact, Lucky would rather not stay in any one place for too long, prefering to travel around as much as possible.   In life, tight and restrictive clothing left them physically uncomfotable, and in undeath, they carry on the habit of restricting themself mostly to loose, free-flowing clothing.

    Virtues & Personality perks

    They are generally optimistic, trusting, compassionate, and empathetic. They are fast to forgive and firmly believe in the ideals of repentence and redemption. This makes them accepting and receptive to other's emotions, and they can pick up on subtle cues that indicate negative feelings such as loneliness or despair with relative ease.   Highly observant and intelligent, they are also resourceful and inventive.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Perhaps due to stunted social development in their childhood or as a result of fracturing their soul for lichdom, Lucky is very emotionally immature. They are sensitive, dramatic, and histrionic, and often demand things of others without understanding how it might hinder or inconvenience someone else. Their insecurity and short-sightedness has lead to a pattern of infidelity and disregard for the long-term well-being of others.


    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Court Sorcerer to the Queen (Isles of Basilla)
  • Prince of the Kociak Household (former, Isles of Basilla)
  • Co-Founder of Necropolis
  • High Sorcerer of the Grayveils
  • Circumstances of Birth
    Circumstances of Death
    Self-sacrifice for lichdom
    Current Residence
    Lavender, catlike
    Chocolate brown and long, usually worn in loose braids or without restraint
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Pallid and pale, cream in color and cold to the touch
    132 lbs
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    "I love you, I'll wait for you."
    "Run away with me."
    "Do you think I'm pretty?"
    "If you're staying, I'm staying."
    "Oh, wow."
    Aligned Organization

    Cover image: by Kal V, derivative work created with the Canva Content License
    Character Portrait image: Lucky by Frankie Valentine


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