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Kosenta (Koh-sen-tah)

Kosenta was one among the first of the living creations that Junori had made. She is chaos incarnate, as wild as the nature she formed from. She taught the Catfolk how to hunt and live off of the land, and when they no longer needed her, she punished them with horrific storms and a volcanic eruption. Her anger incurred the wrath of Iathis and Junori alike, so when the man found Kosenta and battled her, Junori had granted him a boon to stop her. This boon made it so that Kosenta could never heal from the wounds Iathis inflicted on her, leaving her permanently blinded and at the mercy of mortals.

Divine Domains

  • Animals
  • Earth: Caves
  • War: Tactics
  • Weather
  • Luck
  • Protection: Defense
  • Community: Cooperation

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The main symbol of Kosenta is a multi-colored diamond with a set of fangs and a single eye on it. Other symbols associated with her are black panthers, snakes, arrows, bloodflowers, and blades locked in battle.

Tenets of Faith


A major tenet of her faith is the pure act of survival. Living off of the land, fighting for what is yours, and becoming a fearsome predator rather than fall prey to something else. Giving up is not an option among Kosenta's faithful, so survival comes first no matter the cost.


One does well to respect the natural world around them. Become a part of that world without giving into the whims of a domesticated society. The land will give back to those skilled enough to tame it for generations, ensuring that one's legacy will thrive, even in uncertain times. There's an order to the world that has existed far longer than any mortal and it's best not to tamper with it.


The changing of seasons is inevitable and so, one should be as flexible with their sense of self. Go with the tides and experience the highs and lows that life has to offer. Fighting against the natural order is to spit in the face of one's ancestors, insulting them with the implication that they weren't strong enough. Strength comes from a mortal's ability to change and adapt, whether or better or for worse. While the power of nature can be harnessed, its ebb and flow should never be controlled by mortal design.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Kosenta is the physical embodiment of the chaotic nature of both the wilderness and weather. While she once held power over the mortals that resided in Basilla, they realized much too quickly for her liking that held power of their own. When she was blinded by Iathis, she took the caverns of the mountains where she resides to this day. She keeps her distance from mortals, the only sign of her existence being the wicked storms that tear through every few years or the eruption of Mount Kabir, though the latter is far less often.   She wishes to strike back against all that have turned their backs on the natural order of life. People who extend their lifespans through magic, those with little to no survival skills because they've lived a pampered life, and those who commit crimes against the jungles and their inhabitants are pests and she has no qualms with exterminating them.

"We never forget, nor will we ever forgive."

Divine Classification
Minor Goddess

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