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Junori (June-or-ee)

The Eternal Keeper, the Watchful Eye, and She Who Cradles the Stars

The supreme goddess of the Basillian pantheon and a good friend of Cato. The Painted World is an afterlife plane that she resides in. Despite being heavily associated with artists and performers nowadays, Junori is also associated with the cycle of life and death. Catfolk believe that their souls will be welcomed onto her plane after death to become new stars. Shooting stars are said to be a new soul entering the world. The only shooting star this doesn't apply to is her archangel, Yoshi. Yoshi is the muse for The Twilight Grace festival and also responsible for christening a child on this night, ensuring that they go on to become the high priestess of The Stargazers.   Junori's tail is considered an artifact despite it still being attached to her body. It's a magic paintbrush that can bring anything into existence so long as the artist has the will to handle such power. She appears as a tall, periwinkle catfolk with golden freckles that scatter her entire body. Her eyes are golden as well, with a turquoise rim around her pupils. Her hair is long, wavy hair is dark indigo in color though her bangs are stark white. Any fur on her body is violet, though her tail has an indigo tip.   She adorns herself in gold jewelry, the most notable being her tiara that's decorated with sapphires and diamonds. She dresses in a traditional, ancient hanfu dress. It's pale pink with pastel yellow trims and a delicate floral motif on the sleeves. The body of the dress glimmers like the night sky when the light catches it just right.

Divine Domains

  • Knowledge: Thought
  • Magic
  • Chaos: Whimsy
  • Luck: Imagination
  • Repose
  • Travel
  • Void: Stars

Divine Symbols & Sigils

She is often represented by a winding tail dipped in paint, streaking stars across the sky. Other symbols of note are mirrors, black cats, paintbrushes, chrysanthemums, opals, bridges, feline eyes, eight-pointed stars, watercolors, and compasses.

Tenets of Faith


Life is dreadfully dull without a sense of imagination and the creativity to harness it. Such traits lead to the creation of beautiful works of art or tragic stories that serve as a cathartic release of emotions that are otherwise bottled up. Creation should never just be a tool for the divine and with a wild imagination, mortals can create worlds of their own, whether figuratively or literally.


The cycle of life and death has existed since the beginning of time and will continue for an eternity. People should give respect to those who have passed on through ancestor worship. Death is not something to be feared and should certainly not be avoided. It's a natural part of life and another stage in a soul's journey through many lifetimes.


Trickery is not just a weapon utilized by manipulative people trying to gain some kind of advantage. Trickery is also a source of great fun and amusement. Jokes and pranks are a great way to bond with another being. Getting laughs or smiles is a way of making someone vulnerable, which shows that they've put some level of trust in the trickster. A well-timed joke may be far more disarming then rigid attempts at diplomacy and saying something completely absurd could prevent confrontation.


A taste for adventure is something that should be treated. With exploration, one can find all sorts of interesting places and people. A well-traveled person is a wellspring of all sorts of knowledge, both trivial and important. When one finds that their creative well is emptying, time on the road may lead to new inspirations.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Junori is mostly disconnected from mortal affairs these days, though she does serve as a guardian to artists and musicians of all kinds. Much of her time is spent ferrying catfolk souls into the Painted World, where they'll either finds themselves in the afterlife plane proper or in a state of limbo if they were corrupted enough. While she is a neutral deity, she finds overt evil incredibly distasteful as it stains an otherwise beautiful picture of the world.   Her main goal is to keep the cycle of life and death going as smoothly as possible, especially with so many people taking an interest in necromancy. While that dark magic is great as a tool for ancestor worship, she worries that there will be a sudden population surge if mortals realize they can bring their loved ones back.

"May your mind be as bright as the stars."

Divine Classification
Greater Goddess
Chaotic Neutral
Ruled Locations

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