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Jahangir (a.k.a. Luca Kociak)

The mastermind behind the corrupted royalty of The Isles of Basilla and one of Zakina Kociak-Falenmir and Lucky Kociak's ancestors. All Jahangir wanted out of life was wealth, power, and luxury. He wanted the isles all for himself and as such, he weaved his way into catfolk society once it started to take off. He didn't care for a quick and messy disaster as there was no entertainment to such a simple plan. For eons, he manipulated and influenced the royal families to build Basillian society to his liking.   While he had contact with all of the royal families, it's said the Kociaks had the most direct contact with him, several of them laying with the rakshasa to bear his children. These events were the result of coercion and trickery while he was in disguise, but later generations that had his blood coursing through their veins were more inclined to give him offspring with the promises of power. For generations, he would take the bodies of the weakest of his children, using them as a host for his soul when his current body reached the end of its life. These hosts were always afflicted with Genetic Myelotoxplasia Thaumatosis, a condition that only occurs within the Kociak bloodline.   Unfortunately for Jahangir, his plans crumbled very abruptly upon the arrival of the Beautiful Girl Squad on Basilla. He took on the disguise of Luca, alleging that he was one of Zakina's many cousins, but it wasn't hard for the party to figure out who and what he really was. After sneaking into the villa's master bedroom and unlocking a hidden door, the party came face-to-face with Jahangir in his true form. In order to avoid arousing suspicion from the rest of the family, the party dragged him to Elathera's Paradise to battle him.   Jahangir, being a rakshasa that has seen many more lifetimes than any of them could comprehend, was too powerful for them to overcome. After he kicked them around and attempted to flee to another plane, he was anchored to Elathera's Paradise via magic and his soul was bound to a book. With all of the memories the book had to store, the party used a miracle to break Jahangir into eighteen separate volumes and then locked those within a vault on Elathera's plane. Jahangir's most recent offspring, Sonya and Sasha, were adopted into Zakina's family.

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