Industria Cellini

Oracle Industria Mary Cellini

Industria Mary Cellini is an Oracle, Caelsimilian military officer, statesman, and patron diety of the Order of the Oracle's Eye.   The Oracle recived private religious and secular education as a child from her mother Mary Cellini. Her first public office was durring the Caelsimil Crusade against Teme-Rasadar as a spymaster. In this role she was the primary writer of the Unification Treaty along with Zakina Kociak. She would resign her comission shortly after.   For a year long period a bit of her life laid in mystery, though it would later come out that her and her former allies had taken an expedition to the Underdark and defeat Velevana. It would be following these events that Industry began efforts to truely help heal the wounds caused between the nations, and that would eventually lead to the eventual death of her sister.   In the following years Industria would begin to invest heavilly in her hometown of Florence, using her connections with the Order to negotiate control of the city. She would go on to build large public infrastructure including the founding of Florence Academy of Higher Education.   Order doctrine teaches she leads the deceased, particularly members of the Order, plants, and animals, to their afterlife. They also teach her magic brings good will and health to those who pray to her; common beleif is that she ushers the souls of the just and kind.

Divine Domains

Good (Redemption), Plants (Growth)

Holy Books & Codes

Perhaps of most significance is the Treatise on Perseverance, a collection of stories and tales from her life, the Caelsimillian Pantheon, and the life of those around her. Its seen as almost an academic take on many of the Old Stories and as it serves as one of the only written accounts with word by the Oracle herself.
Kina Kociak's Destiny's Dwelling is perhaps more popular as a series of pulp novel's certainly dont adhere to typical religous doctrine but are seen as Books of Reverance. While the dramatic takes are less than holy they are taken as the word of the Saint and observed and treated as such.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The most common symbol associated with the Oracle is that of her eye, its a stylized take on it emphasizing the eyebrow. It can be found on most thing associated with the Order- most typical banners and the few true houses of worship. Rarely the eye will be placed above a torch symbol, this is most often used in association of adventuring groups tied to the Order. Some members of the Swords of the Oracle use a rapier in association with Industria as their symbols to tie them closer to their goddess.

Tenets of Faith

The Orders of the Oracle are the commands she left to the Order, not just a way of worshiping her, but a way of enjoying life and thriving as a society.
  • All life is precious, to end another without just cause is to betray that is to sin.
  • To love life is to love I, and to love is to be loved.
  • Defend the weak, be they a poverty stricken family or hapless doe.
  • Seek not to destroy evil, but to keep it at bay and use the wisdom from these acts to better thy self.
  • Give what you can to those who need it, just to ensure you are not to need it thyself.
  • Physical Description

    General Physical Condition

    As an outsider Industria was born a spirit, though through her mother's water bound to a mortal body. In life, shes shaped this body her way, instead forming a body of natural plant material. She moves with the graceful sways of a dancer.

    Body Features

    The oracle has created three bodies for herself she is able to magically shift between- primarily durring adventure she occupies one of a plant. But most iconic is her humanoid body. Similar to as she looked before.

    Facial Features

    Soft angled eyebrows.

    Special abilities

    The Oracle has been many blessed with abilities divine and mundane. As a child she was taught swordplay by her mother, though it didnt take until later in life when she combined it with her learned dancing. She is an expert in navigating social graces, diplomacy, and a studied master of the arcane arts. She is knowledgeable in various languages.
    As an aasimar, a halfhuman halfcelestial, she is blessed with angelic blood that would burn those of evil. She also has natural immunities to various elemental effects, and grown large wings that allow flight. She has unusual darkvision, and the ability to command the wind.
    Though she once suffered curses at the hands of the gods she no longer is bound to them, having ascended with divine energy and becoming a proper psychopomp. This allows her knowledge of life and death- allowing her to exist at all times on both this and the astral plane, where she regularly travels to help souls reach their final resting place. With these curses came a litany of skills- notable was her divine spell casting powered by tapping into divine energy directly rather than calling to the gods. This divine source granted her abilities including the ability to link minds with her allies, turn objects to their natural form, control weather, and speak with all things. Finally, this energy was used to create a final, proper body for Industria- in an act unseen to any outsider before her, closer to an elemental.
    Powerful divine energy falls from the oracle like a poorly made bag. This energy allows her to grant powers to those who worship her, all proper spell casters as any other. Flowers and plants bloom around her are magically blessed and restored to great health.

    Specialized Equipment

    Most prominently is the ever blue Beacon of True Faith, an ever burning torch, a relic to the Caelsimilian gods Industria has taken it upon herself to use it as her own symbol and a useful item in leading souls to and from the afterlife. This torch grants powerful boosts to those she calls her allies nearby.
    The Sihedron floats just behind her head, this seven pointed star is dedicated to the seven virtues of humanity. This power object is most often depicted in place of an angelic halo for the aasimar. A spiked metal disk with several now disabled ioun stones placed in it. The Sihedron leaks out powerful angelic energy, healing its owner, protecting them from death, and various other abilities. Most often Industria has it set to portray the virtues of love and humiliation.
    To a lesser extent, her rapier and shield act as icons and powerful magical items. The shield, constructed of a single massive red dragon scale protects her from all forms of fire damage. The rapier though less powerful, is her go to defense and a hand-me-down from her mother.

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history


    Born the only child of Mary Cellini, a young cleric of Sabella in Florence:Caelsimil at Temple of Nostra Signora Sabella; her early years were defined by the zealous protectiveness her mother had possessed, shielding the young aasimar from much of the outside world. In these years Industria was rarely allowed to leave their small house- only for service and under her mother's protection. In these years she was taught by a series of tutors in religion, swordplay, arcane, and musical skills. Of these, only her musical skill was said to stand up to her mother's expectation.
    Industria grew fast in these early years- already developmentally a teenager by her sixth birthday, where her growth began to slow. In these years the Oracle would become somewhat known locally for escaping and finding herself in various establishments. Notably gaining a reputation as somewhat of a local bard. This would cause trouble between her and the over protective Mary.

    Becoming an Oracle

    As her mother aged, Industria found herself taking care of the woman- often working as a minor performer in the church choir, and collecting tips. Following Mary's death Industria met another aasimar- similar in appearance, named Vihrea. Both would find, thanks to prayers and study- they were half sisters of the same angelic father. Inheriting her childhood home Industria would go on to work locally and continue her mother's desire for her to learn divine magic and work as a cleric of the gods. This would never come- not in the same sense atleast.
    She began to have dreams, visions of a stead from the gods. A powerful being blessed with her protection. During the day she could hear voices in the wind, messages in the croaks of the frogs that warned her of danger- once notably the sway of a tree's leaves warned her of a pickpocket. It was in these moments, she found herself not blessed by the gods- but cursed with power, responsibility, and knowledge. Her faith rewarded and punished. At this time, meditating she found herself comforted by a large horse- Arnor, the stead gift of the gods.

    During the Crusade

    In the age of the Crusade, a young Industira knew what she must do. Blessed and cursed by the gods she was determined to protect the people her mother loved, and those that granted her these new found skills. She sold the family house and signed up to join the crusade, end the suffering in the Alterosot, and become the leader her mother dreamt her to be.
    In the crusade, she found her home. The young aasimar turned oracle outgrew many of the insecurities of her childhood; famously she met the likes of Zakina Kociak-Falenmir, Elathera Clearwater, and Xaren. She served in the war as a spymaster with them as a small, elite strike team, and eventually as lead negotiator for the unification and eventual creation of the United Lands of Caelsimil Teme-Rasadar.

    Postwar Divinity

    Following the war, Industria and her friends would go on to travel the Underdark to free Xaren's soul- eventually defeating Velevana, the dark goddess.
    The Order of the Oracle's Eye began to truly form around this time. What began as a loose collection of her old church congregants, friends, and allies in Florence slowly grew into a multinational religious movement. She headed this effort, using the Order as a force of good in society as she ballooned from a saint to a proper living goddess as a gift from the gods for the events of the Underdark.
    Unfortunately, Vihrea soon began to grow concerning. In the Undardark bad things had happened, but now she brought even worse- hunting down and killing now fellow nationals. Though they attempted a pilgrimage- seeing many holy sites across the land it eventually ended in having to hunt her down and end the cult she had started. In a final battle, Vihrea had been slain. It was around this time too that the party had met the enagmatic Lucky Kociak and Jordeira Ferus.
    For a time Industria rested from the adventuring life, living the life of a high society woman. During this time she founded the Florence Academy of Higher Education and various charity organizations. In the background she also began proper work as a psychopomp- beginning not just to answer prayers but to reap souls- according to herself and local tradition atleast. During these years her and her allies would go on few adventures- most notibly would be her first trip to the Astral Plane, wherein she was captured by the githyanki and found herself stuck in a prison in a palace to their god-queen made of the mental body of the dead goddess Velevana.
    Industria found herself in the court of the gith lich queen Vlaakith- who planned to kill her soul and absorb the divine energy the oracle held. The two fought a battle of the mind- their physical sparring mattering much less than that of their arcane and divine magics dueling on a battle field of their minds. Her phylactery- the essence of her arcane energy manifested on the astral plane- destroied in one blow. With that, Industria took the scattered, captured souls and lead them each to their afterlife.


    She has had many lovers over the years. In her youth that of interesting companions where who she primarily involved herself with. In these days the relationships rarely lasted and nor did she seek for them too. As shes grown shes found her attraction does have its limits, primarily finding her interest in immortal beings.


    Industria was raised privately as a child- tutored mostly by her mother and a few select tutors from the local congregation. Though she was educated in most things involving science, farming, math, and languages the most notable items of study where those of religion, magic, swordplay, and her favorite music. Magic- either divine or arcane- did not come easily to Industria, she never connected with the ability to cast until later in life when she was able to tap directly into divine energy for herself, where her understanding of the theory of magic greatly assisted her.
    While she enjoys swordplay, and is surely a master now, as a child she was horrid. Her mother, and primary swordplay teacher, found she was bad. Mary was a master sword fighter with dexterous skill that never came close to that of her daughter. Later in life she would learn to mix her skills as a performer with the basics of swordplay taught to her by her mother.

    Failures & Embarrassments

    Her single greatest failure, in her own eyes, would be the failure to save her half-sister Vihrea- as well as failing to see the warning signs of her dangerous mental state. This lead to many dead due to fear of her own actions and her own sister and, at the time, friend. This act endangered not only innocent strangers but also her friends during the hunt to bring her to justice and the life of her own daughter.

    Intellectual Characteristics

    Ofcourse Industria is intellegent in most regards, a polyglot, much above average in mathematics and spacial reasoning, and reasoning. But she really excells in matters of the 'heart' with empathy, and understanding of the arts- especially music.

    Morality & Philosophy

    She holds a fierce belief that you should always do what is best for the greatest number of people- usually through compromise and understanding. The oracle is bound by no strict code or creed, instead touting simple understanding and empathy in all matters. She believes you should help those you can, if you can and that sometimes great evil or injustice may require rash and bold acts outside the normal binds morality.

    Personality Characteristics


    Once asked to summerize how a person should live, the Oracle placed out five defining orders.
    1) All life is precious, to end another without just cause is to betray that is to sin.
    a) Life is not to be taken as revenge.
    2) To love life is to love I, and to love is to be loved.
    3) Defend the weak, be they a poverty stricken family or hapless doe.
    4) Seek not to destroy evil, but to keep it at bay and use the wisdom from these acts to better thy self.
    5) Give what you can to those who need it, just to ensure you are not to need it thyself.

    Virtues & Personality perks

    Generous, loving, charitable, kind, strong willed.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Industria is deeply lonely, though she has many friends as of late shes grown disconnected from them. She greatly believes in the greater good, and knows she may be in a situation to sacrifice someone who trusts her for it- though she would never a friend. Despite her dislike for animal cruelty, Industria enjoys blood sport- almost exclusively amoung consenting parties- but any sport with life and limb on the line is where shes most likely to enjoy herself.

    Personality Quirks

    Sleeps for exactly 8 hours.


    Contacts & Relations

    Closest to her heart is, ofcourse her adoptive daughter Ilyana Cellini, and now deceased sister Vihrea.
    She met her closest friends and spiritual sisters, Zakina Kociak-Falenmir and Elathera Clearwater durring the start of the Crusade, as well as her then rival Rikius Falenmir. Around this same time she met and formed friendships with Xaren Myrin'ta and Samuel. They would go on to round out this core group of close friends with Jordeira Ferus and Lucky Kociak.

    Religious Views

    Industria grew up a follower of the Caelsimil gods, her mother a cleric of Sabella- though she prescribed herself to no god in particular. Over time shes fallen under Sabella's influence, becoming as close to a direct servant one can- though maintaining an affinity for every god. Later in life shed adopt her mother's goddess as her own, having grown more fond of the goddess with age and perspective on their relationship and finally upon meeting her.

    Hobbies & Pets

    Industria keeps many pets and more than a few small gardens, not to mention managing the finer points of her winery. She has a tendency to collect pets, each of which she holds a unique relationship. She also keeps several gardens she tends to as much as she can, keeping not only the Quantum Garden but also a small personal one in the Riverside Lodge. This is without even mentioning her private winery which she maintains meticulously.


    Industria Cellini


    Towards Vihrea




    Towards Industria Cellini


    Mary Cellini

    Mother (Vital)

    Towards Industria Cellini



    Industria Cellini

    Daughter (Vital)

    Towards Mary Cellini



    Wealth & Financial state

    Following her service in the military, wealth is of little concern to the Oracle, she not only maintanes a large personal treasury- but also has access to the vast wealth of both the Order and her Academy. She owns personal property in the Riverside Lodge, the Cellini Family House, and a private winery.
    Divine Classification
    Minor Deity (Psychopomp)
    Oracle of Nature
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Revered goddess of the Order of the Oracle's Eye
    Court Diplomat of The Council of Basilla 
    Former Spymaster of the Caelsimilan Military 
    Mental: 67
    Physical: 60
    Date of Birth
    Feburary 30th
    Circumstances of Birth
    Born of a divine union
    Temple of Sabella, Florence
    Current Residence
    Cellini Family House
    Solid ruby
    Braided, onyx
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Ivory, neutral undertones
    5' 8"
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
    Celestial (Native)
    Common (Fluent)
    Elven (Fluent)
    Draconic (Academic)
    Dwarven (Conversational)
    Sylvan (Fluent)
    Gnome (Conversational)
    Infernal (Fluent)
    Drow-Sign (Conversational)
    Aklo (Conversational)
    Animal speach (Equine, songbirds, cats, sea mammals, bovines, snakes, canines)
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    Yearning for the Fallen, a painting of the Oracle made after the death of her sister.

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