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Iathis (Ee-thess)

The First Blood, the Lover

A god within the Basillian pantheon. He was the first mortal in catfolk history to ascend to godhood and he represents the everlasting bond between people. His archangel takes the form of a vibrant, iridescent mermaid named Althaia. The Ageless Sea is his domain. It's a vast, crystalline palace beneath the waves and lit up by the sunset above. Time never passes here. The blade he defeated Kosenta with serves as his artifact and is kept within his temple at the Pleasant Rose Falls on Basilla.   Iathis appears as a slender, androgynous catfolk with rose colored skin and cerulean eyes. His skin is dotted with beauty marks and his messy, blonde hair falls down to his shoulders. The fur on his body is a deeper shade of pink than his skin. Iathis is always seen with golden laurels in his hair and a smile on his face. When he is dressed, he wears a Doric styled peplos. The fabric is sheer, barely leaving anything to the imagination, and has gold, interlocking patterns for trim.

Divine Domains

  • Chaos: Revelry
  • Charm: Love
  • Community
  • Good: Friendship
  • Healing: Medicine
  • Liberation

Divine Symbols & Sigils

He is usually represented by a simple heart with a lace border and vines growing from beneath it. Other symbols of note are seashells, pearls, lotuses, rainbows, keys, seaglass, open doorways, and clasped hands.

Tenets of Faith


With all the dreary, weary events one's subject to in their life, it's important to stop and celebrate the good in the world. Whether that be making a toast to new friends or enjoying a night of partying with familiar faces, there's always something to be thankful for. One should take the good from those memories made and spread it wherever the wind may take them, ensuring that there's always a light in the darkness.  


Whether chosen by blood or by heart, everyone should have a pack to call their own. No one should ever face a storm alone and when the dust finally settles, their pack should be right behind them to help rebuild what was broken. While solitude is sometimes necessary, no one should ever experience the pain that comes with isolation. Everyone should be connected by spirit and find common ground among each other for the sake of those that depend on them.


A pack cannot remain strong if there's no one to tend to their physical and emotional wounds. The queens need somebody to tend to them during pregnancy and childbirth, ensuring that their offspring can thrive. Warriors need a helping hand when the bloodshed has died down to make sure they're fit to protect those that they cherish. Through magic or medicine, healing is an essential skill in any era.    


If people are trapped beneath the thumb of someone with cruel intentions and power, it's important to fight for what is right. Be rid of their corruption and break the chains they've wrapped around society to put themselves above everyone else. No one is invincible or infallible. Actions taken that cause undue suffering must be punished. Give power back to the people to build a better community.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Iathis lives for a world where the wicked and corrupt are swiftly punished for their actions. Laws have no use in existing if they're only used as tools of oppression, though he does understand that complete freedom may lead to chaos turning into a form of corruption. Iathis pushes for a strong sense of passion and understanding among mortals, hoping to keep the connections between them all strong. Being a part of a thriving, healthy community is what kept the ancient catfolk from dying out and he'll do anything in his power to prevent such a catastrophe from ever happening.   It's said that Iathis puts like-minded individuals on the similar paths in the hopes that they'll meet and forge a bond with one another. Star-crossed lovers are the result of his handiwork and offspring born from this union are blessed by him personally. This puts him at odds with Kosenta, who believes that divine interference will destroy the natural order of the world. While she believes in a wild sense of chaos, Iathis enjoys chaos that can be harnessed for the greater good.

"To those we've loved and lost, we celebrate."

Divine Classification
Intermediate God
Chaotic Good
Ruled Locations

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