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The nation of Felidae isn't exempt from the troubles that plague the northern wilds of Teme-Rasadar. In fact, it's safe to say that they've seen the worst it has to offer time and time again. Felidae was formed centuries ago by migrants from The Isles of Basilla who wanted a chance at a better life. They built a nation rife with opportunity for their kind and established connections with their neighbors to ensure Felidae's survival. It thrived for several decades until The Disciples of Ruin dug their claws into the locals to appease their eldritch deity.   While Felidae managed to keep itself running through all of the turmoil, by modern times, it's in ruins. Thousands of catfolk still call that territory their home despite their horrible living conditions. They live in squalor and have to be aware at all times in case of attacks from slavers or people driven mad, hoping The Nameless One will accept their sacrifices and answer their prayers. With the rise of The Council of Basilla, Felidae has received much needed aid and supplies. The council hopes to bring some order to Felidae and make it an official nation under Basilla's flag rather than whatever gangs manage to take control of it.
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