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Enya Dimeti

Secretary- Treasurer Enya Dimeti (a.k.a. Dimi)

Once a soldier in the Teme-Rasadan military, Enya's life was changed when she met the Beautiful Girl Squad. This change though, was not immediately for the better. Because of the party's status as Caelsimilian spies, they were able to weasel their way into the squad Enya was a part of and get into the city to assassinate general Glaes. Despite the loyalty of his soldiers, Glaes has Enya, Verithos, and Sinclair imprisoned due to his baseless suspicions.   Enya is kept separately from her friends, though all of them are rescued with Rikius Falenmir when the party arrives with one of them in disguise as Glaes. The true general's body is removed from a bag of holding and slapped onto a cart. All of them are urged to get on as well and a tarp is tossed over them all before the party wheels the cart to the outskirts of town. Horrified by the display, Enya and her friends are upset and threaten the lives of the party. She holds Verithos back from attacking and they're given enough coin for inn rooms and food.   The three's faith in their military never faltered and they remained soldiers up until Vihrea's crucifixion. Enya bore witness to it personally and it changed her entire view on the war and life itself. Disgusted by such barbarity, she turned her back on the military and was offered a place among the Order of the Oracle's Eye. Sinclair and Verithos join her and the trio call Florence home for several years. Enya longed to return home to the islands after everything she had been through. After The Phantom Insurrection, she joined the chapter of the Order that would be settling on Basilla.   She was reunited with her family and soon offered a position within The Council of Basilla, which she happily accepted and now serves as the nation's treasurer.
Neutral Good
Current Location
The Isles of Basilla
Large, pale gold, marble-like eyes.
Shaggy, shoulder length and warm black.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Deep, toasted brown.
115 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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