Daywalker Amulet

A simple, yet beautiful design that was hand-crafted by Jordeira Ferus as a gift to his spouse, Lucky Kociak. The amulet is made of a loose, brass chain with a spherical pendant hanging from it. Seashells, small starfish, and sand decorate the interior of the pendant as a nod to Lucky's love for the beach. After its creation, it was then enchanted with a "daywalker" spell by Grendishi Amall. Upon saying the command word "daffodil" in sylvan, the amulet allows Lucky to appear as a living creature.   This is not done by an easy disguise spell, but rather a transmutation spell that changes not only their appearance, but their inner workings as well. Any missing pieces of their body are replaced, including their hair and blood. The spell causes their body to mimic the signs of life associated with the majority of mortal creatures, such as a beating heart and the ability to breathe. Any senses that Lucky lost after their transformation into a lich are temporarily restored while the amulet is active. Due to the sheer power behind Grendishi's spellcasting, Lucky is able to use the amulet as much as they please.   The harmful effects that come with being undead are suppressed during the spell's duration. While the amulet is active, Lucky loses their ability to paralyze someone through touch and their auras are subdued until they return to their true form.
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Cover image: by Kal V, derivative work created with the Canva Content License


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