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Clover Karith

Clover Ilya Karith (a.k.a. Chloe)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Clover was born and raised into a wealthy family. He's the younger brother of Catrina Karith and the godfather of Zakina Kociak-Falenmir and Rikius Falenmir's children. He has a formal education and has completed college. Despite that, he's always felt lost and unsure of what he wanted from his future. Originally, he was to help with military paperwork for his uncle Ero, but after gaining guardianship of Maple, he settled for being a banker.   He raised Maple for three years on his own, taking her away from her tengu mother who was neglectful out of spite towards Zakina. Once a party boy, he pushed those desires away in order to give Maple a good life. When both Cat and Kina returned, he left his life as a banker behind in order to pursue a career as a hairstylist. With an extended lifespan and Kina and Rikius taking partial custody of Maple, he suddenly had a lot of free time. He fell back into the party lifestyle to the point where it was endangering his health.   On the promise that he would sober up, Zakina offered him a position as her regent on The Isles of Basilla. He agreed to her terms and lives there full-time, tending to the children and the council when Zakina and Rikius are away. He's the legal guardian of Sunyeros Elda-Kociak's daughters, Sonya and Sasha.

Gender Identity




Personality Characteristics


Clover is motivated by responsibility for the most part, but also selfishness. He wants what he wants and he'll do anything, within reason, to get it. While some see him as cold and self-serving, he's not a bad guy. He takes on a lot of responsibility because he feels that someone else might get it wrong, which leads to him being distant emotionally. For him, logic is more important than emotions when it comes to decision making.
True Neutral
Current Location
Date of Birth
August 10th
Current Residence
Bright and golden.
Long, black, and wavy. Usually kept up in some sort of updo.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Warm, light brown.
138 lbs
Aligned Organization

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