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Catrina Karith

Catrina Tasha Karith (a.k.a. Cat)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Catrina was born and raised in a wealthy family. Her mother, Drea, was an office worker for the military and her father was a seasonal dock worker in Carlo Rossi. Her and her brother, Clover, received a formal education though she dropped out of college to live on her uncle's farm. She helped with Zakina Kociak-Falenmir's schooling, teaching her how to speak sylvan and draconic. Cat was also responsible for Kina's choice of name after she decided to transition. She gave her a book full of recipes written in sylvan as inspiration and given Kina's limited grasp on the language at the time, she didn't know any better. "Zakina" means "zucchini" in sylvan, which Cat didn't reveal until Kina had grown accustomed with her new name.   She was a part of a band of adventurers that called themselves the Belladonnas. The group traveled often and eventually pulled Kina in so she could satiate her wanderlust. The explored the wilds and hills near the farmlands of Florence, putting an end to bandits and murderers along the way. They also helped a tribe of wood elves with retrieving a tome full of ancient magic. After a few years, Catrina and Zakina settled back down on the farm. Cat proposed to her long-time girlfriend, Triss, and the two had plans to marry in the summer. Unfortunately, she was murdered before then.   Her and Kina partied in the woods to celebrate the proposal and after Kina had fallen unconscious, Cat was pushed into the campfire and left to burn alive. The culprit was never caught and some of the family blamed Kina for her death. Five years later, Cat was resurrected by Industria Cellini and Elathera Clearwater. The Belladonnas disbanded after her death and Catrina had a lot of catching up to do. She was reunited with her family and shamed those that blamed Kina for what happened. She spent many years on the family farm trying to regain her grip on the world.   After she felt healed enough, she was reunited with her fiancee and the two finally married. They hit the road together once more, though they have a cabin on the family's land for when they come home. She's a talented bard and primarily uses the fiddle and her voice.

Gender Identity




Personality Characteristics


Catrina is pushed by her adventurous spirit and curiosity. Every place and person has a story and she's determined to uncover it for inspiration. She tries to leave places in a better state than they were before she arrived.
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Date of Birth
July 7th
Circumstances of Death
Burned alive by an unknown assailant.
Current Residence
Bright and golden.
Long, blonde, and dreaded.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Warm, dark brown.
170 lbs
Aligned Organization

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