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Cat Sith (Kat-shee)

The cat sith are strange creatures that garner both fascination and fear in most cultures, especially those of humans. They're treated as if they're fey; mischievous and manipulative, willing to speak in impossible riddles to get what they want. Some believe that they're nature spirits that roam down from the highlands, employing trickery as a means of punishing those who've acted against nature without a passing thought. While their tricks seem harmless at first, they gradually grow serious and harmful the more a person ignores them and their warnings. While a rare occurrence, cat sith have killed several mortals through their games.   The origins of the cat sith are confusing and shrouded in shadows. Many stories paint them as malicious creatures who act purely for their own amusement and gain. They leap over corpses before its burial to steal a mortal's soul and rob them of a proper afterlife, they'll steal milk from cows or curse them to render them useless, and supposedly, they enjoy the torture of other animals. These aren't all of the cat sith exploits, but with so many stories, it's difficult to keep up with them. These stories tend to be grossly exaggerated, but there is truth to a few of them.   They are habitual thieves of mortal souls, using them as bargaining chips while gambling with powerful entities or paying their way onto another plane of existence. Others simply hoard them, stashing them away much like a squirrel stockpiles for the winter. What most don't know is that they're capable of stealing the souls of the living as well. Sleeping around a cat sith offers them an opportunity to pull it from one's body with the twitch of their tail, rendering that person a mindless husk of who they were.   Despite this extreme and intense habit of theirs, cat sith aren't born of evil by any means. While much of the world would rather avoid an encounter with them, the Catfolk communities that reside on the mainland have adopted them as a cultural icon. Running into a cat sith is considered a gift, one that will bring them good fortune and health. Saucers of milk are left on the night of every full moon, along with a sweet treat of some sort. Trinkets and baubles are hidden in the nooks and crannies of a home, providing a fun distraction for the cat sith.   To the catfolk, cat sith are more akin to playful, swashbuckling rogues or good-humored bards who want to spread cheer and inspire the adventurous spirit within everyone. Good, complicated riddles will pique their curiosity and gain their favor, but they also love a well-timed joke. If someone's able to make them laugh, they'll happily offer a gift in exchange. Sometimes it's a gift of words, perhaps a message from the dearly departed or advice on a big decision plaguing someone's mind. Other times, a traveler might earn a lucky coin or a small, magical trinket from the cat sith's own collection.   While catfolk are well aware of the darker side of these beings, they're still given the utmost respect in their culture. Speaking ill of the cat sith around catfolk will have them shunning that person before they bring bad luck to those around them. The kinship between catfolk and cat sith is so strong that most catfolk mages will take one on as their familiar.

Basic Information


They're indistinguishable from the common housecat, though they are larger. Their fur is all black aside from a small, white patch of fur on their chest. Eye colors are varied, usually being some shade of blue, green, or gold. The cat sith is capable of walking on their hind legs, like that of a naturally bipedal creature, allowing them to hold objects with their front paws. While they don't have fine motor control due to their lack of thumbs, they can still manipulate and use simple objects.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Given that they're creatures made purely from magic and soul stuff, cat sith don't need to eat and drink to sustain themselves. They choose to do so because they genuinely enjoy such things, especially dwarven and human cuisine. They don't care much for wines of any kind, preferring a good, aged whiskey instead.

Additional Information

Social Structure

There isn't a unified social structure for them. Many cat sith spends their lives alone or in pairs, rarely seeking long-term companionship from anyone outside of their brethren. The loneliest of their kind disguise themselves and act like they're nothing more than a cat, allowing themselves to be adopted. It's a temporary situation and once they've had their fill of the constant attention and affection, they make their leave in the dead of night. As a thanks to those who cared for them, they leave behind a lucky coin or pair of dice.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Cat sith can be found in an temperate climate, usually residing near highlands or up in the mountains. While some live within cities, most of them prefer to live life on the open road. The potential to run into strangers with interesting stories to tell is much higher when they're passing by travelers rather than folk who've hardly left the places they call home.

Average Intelligence

They have a fairly average intelligence that's on par with mortal commoners, though their wisdom is much more refined. Cat sith tend to appear smarter than they really are due to their cunning and the vast amount of knowledge they acquire during their travels. They can only speak and understand the common tongue, but they're under the constant effect of a speak with animals spell.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Darkvision and the ability to see through invisibility. They're apt at reading people and their perceptiveness is much higher than a mortal's, allowing them to manipulate somebody efficiently. Cat sith are masters of illusion based magic and have the ability to curse or bless the living. They have no necromantic capabilities, but they're able to interact and communicate with ghosts freely.

Civilization and Culture


The cat sith is a magical beast that came into existence when mortals awakened to their magical abilities. When the first of the world's witches had died, their familiars were heartbroken over the loss of their master and refused to let their souls move into the afterlife. The white patch of fur on their chests is gained once they capture their master's soul, which acts as a conduit to awaken the black cats. They retain the memories of their masters and even understand that they carry them with them at all times. Without that soul, the cat sith would lose their gained intelligence and awareness, reverting back to a standard housecat or vanishing from life entirely.   It's a magical process that can happen to any witch who chooses a black cat as her magical companion, though the probability of it happening in modern times is very low. The true origins of these beings has been forgotten over time and with far less witches in the world than there used to be, any records of that knowledge have fallen into obscurity, buried deep within ancient libraries full of far more interesting things.
Scientific Name
Magical Beast
Common Housecat
Average Physique
Slender with long legs, large ears, and tails that are a few inches shorter than the length of their body.

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