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Caelsimilian Funeral


Caelsimilian funerals were born of the Alterian customs of divine reverance, but also with new rights introduced to help prevent the deceased from rising as undead durring the War of Life and Strife.


Before a funeral can begin, the body must be spiritually emptied. That is a cleric or preist first casts magic to ensure the body is dead and free of life. Then they begin to cleanse the dirt from the body and scrub it clean while also attempting to absolve the free floating soul of any dirt on it that may prevent it from a safe passage to its afterlife. After bathing the body is given a pure white shawl to wear and cover into the afterlife.
A funeral often begins with reverance to the desceased's diety, an offer is given from their own collection in life as well as from many of the attendes. These oferings ask the god for forgiveness and to send a spirit to help guide their sould peacfully to the afterlife.
After the offerings the religious protection is granted- those buried in consecrated grounds are given a divine protection that prevent their corpses from rising. The dead are typically buried several feet deep without a casket before being covering agin in dirt.
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