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Basillian Council

The Basillian Council is a transitional form of government that was founded after the events of The Phantom Insurrection. After the blame fell onto the Gatto family, which led to their eventual exile, the royal system that once ruled over the archipelago fell apart seemingly overnight. Rumors of coups and dealings with fiendish creatures spread shortly after the assassination of Sunyeros Elda-Kociak, but the details of the insurrection remain a secret to all except those who were directly involved.   In an impressive and risky move, Zakina Kociak-Falenmir and her closest allies pieced together the foundation for a new form of government. Rather than individual royal families lording over specific islands, what was left of the governing power was wrangled into one singular government for the entire archipelago. The royals retained nothing more than their titles and assets, while the majority of power was handed back to the people of Basilla. Several royals maintain a seat on the council, mostly to appease them and prevent a civil war from breaking out during the council's growing pains.   The first tasks handled by the Basillian Council was the formation of a proper court system, as well as the construction of the Basilla Correctional Facility on what used to be land belonging to Gatto family. Private military groups employed by the royal families were disbanded in favor of a standardized military for the nation. While mercenary work wasn't made illegal on Basilla, the practice of private military groups is forbidden due to the potential security risks it brings.   The terrorist group that call themselves "ferals" have presented a challenge to the Basillian Council and as of now, several of their attempts at terrorism have been thwarted by the Basillian Military, as well as hired swords among the Order of the Oracle's Eye. The Basillian Council has also put protections in place for tribal catfolk. Travel to the tribal owned land is allowed, but any attempts to harm the tribes or their habitat can lead to a hefty prison sentence.


The representatives of the council are Ellis Pisica, Belle Chaton, Kanye Biladi, Nonyo Felisa, Kuqiris Marjara, and Joqei Ikati. They are responsible with drafting bills, amendments, and making and upholding the laws of the archipelago. While the representatives are also tasked with voting on their bills as well, all work is presented to the queen and her advisor, who hold vetoing power.   The representatives work closely with the Basillian judicial branch, ensuring that they keep one another balanced, both for the quality of life on the islands and also to safeguard against potential coups from Basillian royalty. Judges are presented to the representatives and voted in by the council. The queen, while holding an important place among the council, is mainly there to ensure that the Basillian government survives its transitional phase before moving into a full democracy. Zakina Kociak-Falenmir holds the title of queen, while her husband, Rikius Falenmir, acts as her advisor and king.   Her regent is Clover Karith. Industria Cellini serves as the ambassador of the isles, while Lucky Kociak and Elathera Clearwater are the court mages when they're available. The secretary-treasurer of the council is Enya Dimeti.

Public Agenda

Their agenda is to put nobles and commoners on an equal playing field. They intend to build a government that works for everybody and is voted in rather than working for whoever lines their pockets the most. The hope is to reach a stable democracy to which the queen will then step down and end any semblance of royal titles among the government. The reins will then be handed over to the council which will grow in size and every member will have to be voted in by the people.

"For the people, for the realm."

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