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Tree of Twisted River

Tree Twisted River

A girl from Black Woods village, Tree of Twisted River grew up hearing stories of the Takers: malevolent spirits who would come to her village, and drag people off into the sky. With these in mind, she was terrified when she saw that men from the Sky had set foot on her world. Were these the Takers? Naah, they were humans, people from the next star over! She would go on to become a close friend, then a lover, of the human Jay Teresc, who would do his best to save her species from extinction.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

slim, athletic.

Body Features

Skin tone: pink, pointed ears

Physical quirks


Special abilities

Regularly has dreams of the future

Apparel & Accessories

often wears a green dress. Keeps a few Kinyi leaves on her either as a snack or to feed the Krikane.

Mental characteristics


Her mother taught her how to gather food. Her father taught her astronomy.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

good with Sky-man (human) weapons, bad with space travel


she's relatively clean for a stone-age person. Any modern person would note a slight earthy smell to her.


Family Ties

her older sister, Sand

Religious Views

The gods known as Mother and Father live in the Sky, and control nature. The gods known as Brother and Sister walk among the Vin.

Black Woods Vin
Year of Birth
Black River
Current Residence
Jay's Apartment, Europa
Biological Sex
brown, almond-shaped
long, blonde
Known Languages
Vin language, Europan, English
Character Prototype
She's quite similar to Neytiri, but less blue.

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