Time Dilation Field

A Hexamite technology for slowing the passage of time within a confined area of space. Like most areas of Hexamite superscience, the physics behind it and the specifics of its operation are unknown to Stellar Compact civilization.   Often found in Hexamite ruins and feared as booby traps, time dilation fields can be of arbitrary shape and any dilation factor ranging from virtually no change to the outside flow of time, to so high that a second inside may equate to billions of years. The field boundary becomes more reflective as the dilation factor increases, until at the highest settings it becomes a near-perfect mirror for EM radiation. (A dilation field without this effect would accumulate photons across its boundary, subjecting the contents inside to a potentially-immense spike of energy upon deactivation, or, if left alone long enough, become a black hole once the mass-equivalence of absorbed radiation makes the field region's Schwarzchild radius reach its physical size.)
  The opposite of a time dilation field would be a time contraction field, with time passing faster inside the field volume than outside it.

Cover image: by Vertixico


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