Claver Space

The regions of space once occupied by the ancient Claver interstellar empires, now filled with their artifacts, ruins, megastructures, and dead planets. Following the opening of the first links to this area prior to the Age of Strife, Starweb space has since expanded to begin reaching its frontier.   Claver space remains connected together by the ancient starbridge network, connecting stars in a vast volume many times greater than that occupied by humanity and the other species of the Stellar Compact. Most of this remains unexplored on account of hazards and horrors which lie in its deeper regions, though this does not deter foolhardy fanatics and treasure hunters.   Some groups of colonists have traveled through the starbridges at the fringe of Claver space to search for habitable planets, this has seen some success but is fraught with danger because even apparently-unused worlds may harbor dangerous Claver paleotechnology.
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