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Thrand class superdreadnought

The Thrand class superdreadnought are the new capital ships of the Merindian Empire's airship fleet, and the largest flying vehicles ever constructed. they are absolute giants, 2,000 feet (609.9 meters) long, covered in thick steel armour, and bristling with guns of all kinds. Two ships of this class are in service, and they rule the skies with an iron fist.  


The Thrand class's main weapons are 15 300mm cannons which are mounted on the bottom gondola of the airship. These guns are used to shell ground targets, and are able to angle upwards and shoot at other airships which might be higher up. There are also dozens of large autocannons which are used to assault ground targets that are fixed on the bottom of the ship. 4 large sponsons on the front and back sides of the ship house an array of large anti-airship weaponry. They hold 8 200mm cannons each, and they are used primary to destroy other airships, but can be angled down to fire at ground targets.   The massive hull of the Thrand class has several large concentrations of anti-air guns on the top and sides that can easily destroy planes before they can do any damage to the airship. These are the most effective and advanced anti-air guns in the world, and they almost completely protect the Thrand class from being attacked by airplanes.   The Thrand class's second greatest weapon is it's bombs. The Thrand class' bombs are large, powerful and numerous. It can carry 10,000 tons of bombs and can absolutely devastate targets below.  


The Thrand class is covered in 200mm thick strengthened steel armour. This armour is very heavy, but the ship is able to carry the weight and still move very quickly. This armour is able to protect it from all but the heaviest cannon and rocket fire, although anything that could fire upon it with suck firepower would likely be destroyed by the ship's many weapon systems before it could have a chance to do so.  

Cargo and Hangar

The Thrand class can carry well over 25,000 tons of weight. This massive cargo hold is used half for bombs, bullets, and shells, while the rest are used to transport armoured vehicles, troops, and supplies.

Merindian Empire
Owning Organization
Merindian Empire

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