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Taurith is a medium sized kingdom which borders on the southern edge of the New Shorian Empire to the north, the Merindian Empire to the west. The nation of Alaric, which is an enemy of Taurith as the tiny nation blocks their access to the Isonian Sea.  

International Relations

Taurith is part of the Imperial Coalition. They joined the Imperial Coalition because their enemy, Alaric joined the Free Nations Alliance so Taurith joined the Imperial Coalition to oppose them.   Alaric is the enemy of Taurith because they completely deny Taurith of access to the ocean. Taurith tried to conquer Alaric to gain access to the sea in the year 820 and fought for 2 years but was pushed back. Ever since then Taurith has wanted to conquer the tiny nation of Alaric to gain access to the ocean. Alaric was promised access to the ocean by the New Shorian Empire if they joined them in a war with Alaric, but then Alaric joined the Free Nations Alliance in 871 and the New Shorian Empire and Taurith decided not to invade in fear of causing a much larger conflict with the entire Free Nations Alliance.  


Taurith is a monarchy, and their kings/queens have substantial power but are forced to follow a constitution for leading that prevents them from being poor leaders. The constitution require Taurithic monarchs are required to be highly educated in history, politics, war, and very well disciplined. Inbreeding in the royal family is also made illegal by the constitution. Taurith's government is also very centralized, and based on their king/queen.  


The people of Taurith are generally regarded as friendly people, and are often viewed by foreigners as a nation of hunters and lumberjacks. Taurith's culture is heavily based off of hunting, which is partially because of it's geographical location, which is inside of a massive forest which is extremely rich in wildlife. Hunting is a profession a majority of people in Tuarith undertake, and even if hunting isn't someone's main job they often still will know how to hunt and do it for sport. Despite this very heavy hunting, the wildlife of Taurith is still extremely plentiful and it's population has shown no decline at all.  


Generally the clothing in Taurith heavily incorporates animal parts such as fur, leather, ivory, and horns into it. Clothing made out of animal parts from an animal killed by the person who's wearing the clothes are a popular fashion statement as it showcases their hunting prowess.  


A majority of Taurith's architecture is made out of logs and stone, and mostly resembles rustic wooden lodges. These lodges also will almost always feature items such as bear fur rugs, mounted animal heads of walls, items like chandeliers made out of antlers, and other animal-based pieces. Cities and villages in Taurith are also always settled right in forests and often have no farmland visible near them. Taurithic settlements often incorporate the forests into the city.  


Taurith has a medium sized but expanding military.  

Ground Forces

They currently have around 700,000 men currently serving active duty in the army. Taurith also has around 1,500 tanks and 3,000 other fighting vehicles. Taurith has tens of thousands of artillery pieces, and most of them air aimed westward towards Alaric.  


Taurith has no coastline and no large lakes, and thus completely lacks a navy in the seas. In the skies however, Taurith has a strong airship fleet to compensate. Tuarith's airship fleet comprises of 4 large air battleships, 3 flying aircraft carriers, 10 troop transport airships, and 122 smaller scouting/attack airships.  


Tuarith has roughly 900 fighters and 450 bombers.  




Taurith has a temperate climate which averages at around 22°C in the summer and -17°C in the winter. During the winter it can snow very heavily but during the summer it is much dryer.  


All of Taurith excluding the mountainous areas are covered in thick, large forests. These forests are made up of very large trees, and 30% of Taurith is covered in huge redwood forests where the trees can reach up to 450 feet (137 m) tall.  


Taurith is very rich is wildlife.   Taurith is home to many predators such as cave lions, wolves, black bears, brown bears, cave bears, dire bears, foxes, lynx, snakes, sabertooths, dire wolves, hawks, badgers, possums, eagles, forest hallon, cheetahs, cave hyenas, and giant spiders.   There are also many large herbivores which inhabit Taurith such as bison, aurochs, deer, elk, moose, megaloceros, cervalces, forest mammoths, woolly rhinos, boars, squirrels, skunks, rabbits, porcupines, beavers, Silon, and tortoises.

Geopolitical, Kingdom

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