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Tandonia is a super continent in the second layer of The Outlands and is the largest continent in the known world.   Tandonia represents the ultimate extreme of any environment, being unimaginably massive in size. The features of Tandonia are equally immense as well, normal rivers on Tandonia can be large enough to fill large valleys on other smaller continents, the many rocky cliffs in tandonia can reach hundreds and even thousands of meters in height, and the entire continent is ruled by titanic godlike beasts which reach sized that dwarf everything else in the world. Most of Tandonia is a desert, making it the largest desert in the world. This desert is one of the most extreme places on earth, with incredible dangers everywhere. Even the smallest creatures on Tandonia are large enough to kill a man and will, but that wouldn't be as large of a problem as even finding food or water, as food would be high up in towering cacti and trees, and water would be so far away due to the massive size of the continent that you would dehydrate long before you could get near it, and that's not even taking into account the scorching temperatures and nightmarish terrain, which consist of immense rocky cliffs, canyons and sand dunes, which are all near impossible to difficult to navigate.   Even with a vehicle like an airship or a steppe crawler, you would still be putting yourself at a great danger, because the gigantic creatures of Tandonia tend to attack large vehicles, and they are large and strong enough to overpower and destroy almost anything. Due to all of these incredible extremes and dangers, Tandonia is considered the most dangerous continent in the world, and going there is considered a death sentence, with the only good chances you would have at survival is to make it to the few coastal jungles or get the attention of the Tandonian Giants.   The danger of Tandonia is so great that out of the 45 expeditions sent there, only 6 have returned.


Tandonia's 2 coastlines have some patches of jungle made up of massive trees, but most of the continent is covered with a massive desert, the desert is dominated by cliffs and crags that are as tall as mountains, while the mountains of Tandonia are the largest in the world, big enough for entire ecosystems to develop independently on them. In the centre of the desert it is said to contain an ocean of fresh, drinkable water and fertile lands that are home to an enlightened people, although this is considered to be an exaggeration, due to the vast size of the desert in the continent, the semi-mythical freshwater sea in the middle of the continent has not been officially explored yet. The north and south of Tandonia are so far apart that they reach into the adjacent rings of the The Outlands.   The features of Tandonia are similar to features on other continents, only immense in scale, with rivers as large as valleys, cliffs the size of mountains and mountains that dwarf any other seen before. Geography like this makes Tandonia very difficult to explore on foot. Exploration of tandonia by air is also very difficult and dangerous because the massive flying monsters of Tandonia attack and destroy airships and airplanes on sight.   Tandonia has another unique feature. There is a massive volcanic region where thousands of cubic kilometers of lava pour out of numerous volcanic vents in the ground. This immense flood of lava has covered an area the size of a continent in lava hundreds of meters thick. This immense area covered in molten lava is located in the northern arctic regions of Tandonia, which results in what should be an extremely cold area being very very hot. Some areas of lava were forced to spread out, as some areas had large plates of hardened lava at the bottom of the flow. These spread out underground flows heat up much of the northern arctic areas of Tandonia. These underground lava flows have started to ignite coal and oil deposits underground, resulting in the release of huge amounts of greenhouse gases that darken the skies of northern Tandonia.

Fauna & Flora

The 2 coastlines of Tandonia have some patches of jungles, made up of some of the largest trees known, and huge animals. Beyond the coastlines there is a massive desert which is home to immense creatures, the largest in the world, and home to the Tandonia Giants, the largest intelligent beings ever to exist, aside from the elder titans.   The animals of tandonia are immense in size, the smallest creatures on tandonia are larger than elephants and the largest creatures can reach over 1000 feet long. Some large creatures in tandonia are the Magnamon, Tandonia Giants, Kyrolaks and Colossal Sauropod.
Alternative Name(s)
The Land of Giants, the primeval desert
Location under

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