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Shorian Steam Engine

The Shorians and the city states surrounding them discovered steam power around the year -400.


Steam engines were extremely useful to the Shorian empire. It allowed them to transport troops and supplies rapidly across their empire, and it allowed them to easily supply their armies because they could just use steam powered machines to pull supplies. They also had many other uses like fast transport for civilians power mills pump water, create massive steam powered gates, which were almost as strong as the walls they were made on, and power the Shorian empires factories, allowing them to produce things so quickly.


Steam engines were manufactured in large numbers by the Shorian empire because they were so useful.
Access & Availability
Steam engines were used in every self propelling vehicle made by the Shorian empire
Steam engines are very complicated machines.
The steam engine was invented in order to pull heavy things because horses don't exist in arctus.

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