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Regius is a very large and powerful democratic nation from the Regian Mountains that is led by Consul Haelas.   Regius was formed when in the year 430 a series of kingdoms in the Regian Mountains formed an alliance and rebelled against the Shorian Empire. After they had defeated the Shorian empire The kingdoms kept their alliance and formed one country, Regius. This country is now very powerful, with a relatively large population of 250 million.  

International Relations

Regius is the leader of the Free Nations Alliance(also often shortened to just the alliance). Regius created the Alliance in 869 when it's two greatest enemies, the Merindian Empire and the New Shorian Empire formed an alliance called the Imperial Coalition. Fearing destruction from it's two enemies united, Regius created the free nations alliance to oppose the Imperial Coalition's new power.   Regius serves as a great wall for the Free Nations Alliance, their highly defensive position completely blocks the New Shorian Empire in the west from being able to advance past it, and it Regius also just has a very strong army in general.  


Regius controls all of the Regian Mountains and most of Shigir, as well as the far east of Mora and Tamal.   They further control large amounts of lands in the outlands including Vaalbora, Derrenia,northeast Panagon, and some parts of southern Panagon. These territories are held together with large fleets of passenger and cargo airships that hold the territories together, the main passenger airship they use is the Borealis class airship.  


The Regian People

Regius is a very proud and dignified culture. They view themselves as being the pinnacle of civilization, and they are very proud of their democracy and vast territory. They tend to use lots of lavish colours such as gold and purple to show off their wealth and status as the center of the world's democracy. Regius' people see their form of government as the best in the world, and they seek to spread democracy across the world, and they do this with their huge army, and have made a sort of democratic empire. They justify invading and conquering other peoples because they are spreading democracy, but this has lead to Regius being accused of being an empire in disguise, although most native Regians deny this, claiming that they're just improving the world by spreading peace, fairness, and prosperity.  


Regian architecture is mostly made out of stones such as granite or marble, and are decorated with metals like bronze and brass. Regian architecture is made out of mostly circular shapes, and they also heavily use ornate columns. A lot of Regian buildings are also decorated with marble statues, as well as large banners and tapestries.  


Regius's army is perhaps the strongest in the world. Regius's army is massive, with millions actively serving. The Regian military has large numbers advanced tanks, a huge fleet of powerful airships, and mighty armour. This highly trained and massive army is a great threat to anyone who would dare to oppose Regius, but instead of attacking the Regians are best at defending. Regius's homeland, the Regian Mountains is covered in fortresses, trenches, bunkers, walls, gates, and all kinds of defences that could halt any invasion in its tracks. These defences will soon be forced to go up against the mighty Shorian war machine which has numerous massive artillery guns and armies of tanks prepared to destroy Regius should war break out.


Ancient Regius (-1300 to -60)

Before the Shorian Empire conquered the Regian Mountains it was home to a prosperous civilization. This civilization known as the ancient Regians were highly advanced, with technology only behind the Shorian Empire. They became very wealthy and powerful, conquering the whole of the Regian Mountains, as well as the eastern part of the Thruma mountains that divide Borea and Arctus. In the year -100 the Shorian Empire had decided to try to conquer the ancient Regians. The war between the two went on for 40 years, with it being the most difficult war they ever fought, and it took them decades to crack the incredibly strong defenses created by the ancient Regians. These defenses included thick metal walls blocking mountain passes, fortresses build into the peaks of mountains that were covered with deadly artillery, and strongholds carved into the bedrock. After 40 years of war the Shorian Empire had finally come out victorious, as they industrial capabilities and population were much higher than the ancient Regians.  

Regius under Shorian Rule

The Shorian Empire ruled Regius from -60 to 400, and withing those 460 years of rule the Regian Mountains provided the Shorian Empire with a huge amount of stone and metal which helped them because that's what they made most of their things out of. The culture of the Regians was diminished during this time, but remained strong in some more remote parts of the Regian Mountains, and even the Regian religion remained strong. In the year 400 the Regians rose up and broke the Shorian Empire's rule of the Regian Mountains.  

Post-Shorian Era 400 to 880

After the the fall of the Shorian Empire the Regian Mountains was divided into two groups, and they fought for 30 years until one conquered the other and formed the nation which is now known as Regius. These new rulers recreated the old Regian government style which was a democracy. once this new government was set up they began reviving the ancient Regian culture and religion and started quickly expanding their influence. These new rulers wanted to expand their unique government system across the world, seeing it as the fairest and just system of government possible, so they set out to conquer new lands and spread democracy and Regian culture across the world.   When the outlands were discovered in the year 610 Regius saw a unique opportunity to expand their power across new parts of the world. Previously, a colonial empire had seemed impossible for the Regians as they had no coastlines, but since seagoing vessels could not even access the outlands, that meant nothing. While Regius lacked a proper ocean navy, they had a substantial force of drakkeon airships at their disposal. They quickly sent out their airships to explore, establish bases, and eventually establish thriving colonies in hte outlands.   While the Regian colonial effort in the outlands was going well, they also set out to conquer regions that neighbored their homeland. They started by conquering Shigir in 650, and then conquering the east half of Arctus in 690. Regius still had a problem though, they had no access to the ocean except for their arctic northern coast which was frozen over for most of the year, so they decided to conquer land south until they reached the ocean. It was a long and difficult campaign, it took them 50 years, and by the end of it in 740 they reached the southern coastline of western Tamal, and stopped conquering. At the same time, while they had a great victory in reaching the southern oceans, they had lost their new lands in eastern Arctus to the New Shorian Empire (NSE), although Regius was still in a better position. between the year 740 and 800 tensions between Regius and the Merindian Empire were growing, but neither could do much against each other.   In 864, Regius and the Merindian Empire both had mighty colonial empires out in the outlands, but tensions between the colonies had been growing for hundreds of years, and in 864 Regius and Merindia's colonies went to war with each other. Regius and Merindia agreed to keep the war only in the outlands, but even then it was still a very bloody conflict that nearly started a much larger war multiple times. The Merindian air force and rapid deployment to the outlands proved to be too strong however, and in 867 Regius was forced to surrender many of it's territory in the outlands to the Merindian Empire, which has maintained a strong grip on much of the outlands ever since. In 880, the current year tensions between Regius and Merindia have been growing even stronger, and both countries have been greatly increasing the strength of their armies and preparing for a massive war, and many fear that war between the two is inevitable.

Demography and Population

Regius has a population of around 250 million people.


Regius controls their native homeland of the Regian Mountains, as well as having conquered Shigir for lumber, and conquered south into western Tamal so they could have access to the ocean. They also have several large colonies in the The Outlands.

Technological Level

Regius is very advanced, on par with the Merindian Empire and only behind the New Shorian Empire (NSE). Regius' science is very good, and they focus heavily on developing weapons and robotics technology. Their strong education system further boosts their science level, with engineering and mathematics being strong focuses.


Regius' state religion is it's own large pantheon of gods they believe in. Although only around 56% of the population believe in these gods. 40% of the population believes in the The Shorian Gods and 4% have other beliefs.

Agriculture & Industry

Regius has access to huge amounts of metal and stone from the regian mountains, and wood from Shigir. Due to their prowess in engineering, they are able to produce machinery, armour and weapons very quickly in their advanced factories.

Trade & Transport

Regius has a very large and advanced fleet of Airships which they use to transport supplies, travellers and soldiers, as well as a quickly growing fleet of sea ships.


Regius has a very good education system, with programs involving engineering and mathematics being a larger focus. Their education system is partly responsible for the nation's great skill in engineering.

Freedom or Death

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Organization Vehicles

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