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New Shorian Empire

The New Shorian Empire (also often referred to as just the Shorian Empire) is the descendant of the old Shorian Empire. Under the rule of Queen Stalgard III the Shorian Empire has been transformed into a militaristic dictatorship that seeks to regain the lost glory of the old Shorian Empire through the conquest of other nations.   The New Shorian Empire is gearing up for war, they are expanding their army ever more and more, they have thousands of massive guns pointed east to lay waste to Regius, and their production of weapons, armour, and tanks has gotten faster and faster.  

International Relations

The New Shorian Empire is one of the two founding nations in the Imperial Coalition, which was created when they allied with the Merindian Empire in 868. The Imperial Coalition is the enemy of another alliance, the Free Nations Alliance which is lead by Regius, which is the New Shorian Empire's Greatest enemy.  


Under Queen Stalgard III's leadership the New Shorian Empire has been transformed into a highly militaristic society. Military service became mandatory for most adult men and most enthusiastically join anyway. This great push for a greater military society was started from Queen Stalgard III's grand goal of regaining the former glory of the old Shorian Empire through conquest.  

Law and Law Enforcement

The laws of the New Shorian Empire are rather reasonable and average sounding, although there are some notable parts. Some notable parts of Shorian law are that practicing any religion that the empire views as bad are fully illegal, as well as possession and use of drugs and alcohol are illegal, including tobacco.  


The New shorian empire's architecture is similar to the old shorian architecture style, they make most of their buildings out of large stone blocks, their buildings are supported usually with triangular arches. Their more ornate buildings are covered in angular designs, and often with runes written on it.


In the year 738 Arctus was controlled by Regius and the Merindian empire. The Shorian kingdom, which was the descendant of the shorian empire, had decided to retake Arctus, they built up a powerful army and they declared war on both the Merindian Empire and the Regian empire, (which both ruled land in Arctus) at the same time and won, and by the year 740 they had retaken Arctus and the shorian kingdom declared itself as the New Shorian Empire.   In the year 868 the Shorian Empire joined Emperor Wulfrum's new alliance which is called the Imperial Coalition.


The Shorian Empire rules all of Arctus, Borea and north of Lenuria.


The Shorian military strategy revolves around utilizing a combined arms assault which relies on heavily armoured soldiers and vehicles that outrun and encircle their enemies, destroying them with heavy guns while maintaining an unbroken supply chain. It is clear that the Shorian Empire is preparing for a war, their production of ships, airships, tank, and recruitment of soldiers has all been rapidly increasing, and their many immense artillery pieces are mostly aimed east in preparation to destroy the mighty mountain fortresses of Regius. These great expansion of the military and it's new doctrines were imposed by Queen Stalgard III, starting at around 871.   Due to their massive amounts of natural resources, the New Shorian Empire is able to construct huge masses of heavy tanks, ships, artillery, and airships.  

Ground Forces

The New Shorian empire's army is extremely large and technologically advanced. The Shorian army's greatest strength is their armour and artillery. Shorian infantry is armoured with the strongest and most protective durnium plate suits of any military.   The Shorians also posses the greatest force of tanks ever assembled, with 35,000 of the most advanced and powerful tanks the world has ever seen, and 50,000 other armoured vehicles. They also have around 5,500,000 heavily armoured infantry, and tens of thousands of massive artillery pieces.  


The Shorian empire has greatly expanded it's navy, currently they have around 11 battleships, 4 aircraft carriers, 55 cruisers, 119 destroyers, and 85 submarines.   The airship fleet of the New Shorian Empire is somewhat large, they have 6 air battleships which are 1,000 feet (305 m) long and very heavily armoured, and can bombard targets from the air, destroy swarms of enemy planes, battle with other airships, and serve as superheavy bombers. The Shorian Empire also has 80 smaller scouting/strategic bombing airships that are able to fly for weeks on end, and 20 troop transport airships.  

Air force

The Shorian air force has roughly 2,300 fighter planes, as well as 1,600 bomber planes, many of which are very heavily armed and armoured.

Technological Level

The New Shorian Empire has a higher technological level than any other nation in the known world. The old Shorian Empire's technology level was leagues ahead of any other nation in the world, but the New Shorian empire today has not been able to regain their former technological advantage, only being a bit ahead of their rivals in technology.

Foreign Relations

The Shorian Empire has formed an alliance with the Merindian Empire, Meru, and the Amalan Confederacy. This alliance is opposed by the alliance which is made up of Regius, the Shenrian Empire, and several other nations.   The Shorian Empire has become enemies with Regius and the Shenrian Empire, and with the formation of the Free Nations Alliance lead by Regius the Shorian Empire has been preparing for a war with Regius and ready to invade should war break out.

Agriculture & Industry

The New Shorian Empire is an extremely industrialized nation. They are able to produce goods at a higher rate than anyone in the world and this is made even faster because of their vast supply of steel and oil.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Official State Religion
The Shorian Gods
Parent Organization
Shorian Empire
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Organization Vehicles

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