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Megalos are large herbivorous mammals native to the Southern Continents.  


Megalos are very large, with an average shoulder height of 13 feet (3.9 meters) and a length of 45 feet (13.7 meters). Megalos have four short and stocky legs which support large bodies that are covered in long, thick white fur and thick blubber that lets them survive the extremely cold temperatures of the southern continents. The heads of megalos have two buffalo-like horns. The bases of the horns are right next to each other on the middle of the head, and curve out along the head and then curl upwards, forming a thick helmet-like plate of bone. The backs of megalos have two large fatty humps above each pair of legs, and a thick and long tail that makes up half of their body length.  


Megalos live in large herds that can number up to 150 animals, and migrate along the length of the southern continent they live on. Megalos are very intelligent creatures, on par with elephants and mammoths, and they are very defensive of each other, they will attack anything that poses a serious threat to any animal in the herd and will even use advanced maneuvers to try to kill predators.  

Relationship with Humans

Megalos have played an important role in the lives of countless people on the Southern Continents. They serve as important mounts and pack animals, as they can comfortably carry enormous amounts of weight long distances and are tameable.

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