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Magic works like a type of energy that exists in all living things, and with great amounts of practice and patience any intelligent being is able to use these energies, and after it is unlocked control over magic can be increases even further through more concentration and practice. Eventually, although extremely rare, a magic user can become so powerful that they are forced to ascend, which forces them to leave the world but they become a god. Ascension has only occurred a few times in all of recorded history.  

Learning Magic

Learning magic is a difficult process, requiring great amounts of concentration of patience. The first step of learning magic is unlocking magic's potential. Unlocking the potential to use magic takes years of strong concentration, and once someone unlocks the potential for magic they will unlock hidden knowledge and potential, they will gain the ability to use basic magic which consists of being able to generate energy, and they will also be able to learn magic much more easily. Although all people recognize the existence of magic, very few people have unlocked the potential for magic.  

Benefits of Magic

Magic can give many benefits, magic users always have lengthened lifespans, and the power of magic can range from the ability to only levitate pebble to the power to destroy mountains. Common magic abilities include healing, creating heat, removing heat, creating electricity, making things float, increase senses, create invisible forces, increase power of moving objects, banishing ghosts and otherworldly beings, strength, speed and stamina increase, pain reduction, weather control, and many other abilities. Some rarer abilities are things like mind control, melting objects without heat, ect.  

Types of Magic Users

Many groups of magic users exist, and magic users go by many names like wizards, mystics, shamans, sorcerers, witches, druids and others. Although all of these groups use magic differently for example, shamans tend to gain their power from learning from ancient spirits.  

Famous Magic Users

A famous magic user is Emperor Wulfrum, who known countless abilities and has used magic to live for over 500 years. Another famous magic user is Asheros, who uses a unique form of magic that harnesses nuclear power, which gives him terrifying power, he can use his magic to destroy mountains and cities in single attacks.

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