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Gigantosaurus is a massive therapod dinosaur from Panagon.  


Gigantosaurus is on average 70 feet (21.3 meters) long and 34 feet (10.3 meters) tall. Gigantosaurus has a long tail, large muscular legs, and a large head like other large therapods. Gigantosaurus, compared to the famous tyrannosaurus has a longer mouth which is less muscular and filled with jagged teeth, a ridge of jagged spines running along it's back, much larger arms that it can use to claw at it's prey, and bone white scaly skin. Gigantosaurus completely lacks feathers.  


Gigantosaurus is the top of the food chain of Panagon and feeds on medium/large sauropods primarily. Gigantosaurus will also take killed prey from other animals like how a bear takes food from wolves.

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