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Endurance class dreadnought

Endurance class dreadnoughts are the main air battleships of the Merindian Empire, and they are the empire's most reliable means of delivering overwhelming armour and firepower to their enemy. There are currently 52 of these airships in active service.  


Endurance class dreadnoughts are 1,300 feet (396.24 meters) long. They are covered in several layers of durnium armour and possess great bombing, anti-air, and ship destroying firepower. They are also very effective at shelling ground targets.  


Endurance class dreadnoughts have 23 huge steel rings holding the structure in it's shape, and many thick steel girders holding the rings together. Within the airship are 18 drakkeon gas cells. If one gas cell is destroyed, it's fiery explosion will not ignite the other gas cells, and the Endurance classdreadnoughts can stay in the sky with up to 6 gas cells destroyed. The outer shell of the airship is covered in several layers of durnium, which protect it from large amounts of aircraft fire, as well as cannon fire from other airships.  


Endurance class dreadnoughts have their main structures in a large gondola running along much of the bottom of the airship, and there are projections outwards to hold guns that are found on the top and sides of the airship. These projections on the sides of the airship are sponsons projecting out from the center of the envelope on the from half and and the back half of the airship. These sponsons hold large anti-airship cannons. There is also a small control car coming out of the bottom of the ship, which is also covered in machine guns.  


Endurance class dreadnoughts are heavily armed weapons of war. They have several 20 120mm cannons mounted in 4 sponsons on the sides of the ship, dozens of powerful anti-air guns on 4 clusters on the top of the airship, and all along the bottom of the ship. There is also a large bomb bay, which can carry hundreds of tons of bombs. On the ship's lower gondola, there are also 6 120mm cannons which are also used against ground targets, as well as dozens of autocannons and machine guns, all mounted on the gondola. The anti-air guns, as well as the autocannons are mounted in turrets, which are mostly made out of metal and glass, and give the operator a high level of visibility and speed. Overall the Endurance classes are both capable bombers as well as anti-air emplacements, and they are able to effectively fight off other large airships and even sea ships as well.  

Operational History

Designed in 855, and first flying in 860, they have served as the backbone of the Merindian navy ever since their construction. They has served in many wars, including the Merindian war with Regius in the outlands that happened between 864 and 868. Endurance clas dreadnoughts further served in the Panagon War, where dozens of these ships fought all across Panagon, and most notably during the Battle of Aggurak, where 20 of these airships fought above the city, and eventually secured air superiority for the Merindian Empire. Endurance class dreadnoughts have continued to serve since then, and have always proven a powerful and reliable warship.

Merindian Empire
Owning Organization
Merindian Empire

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