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Drakka is a cold continent that is one of the southern continents, and is ruled by the Drakkan Empire.


Drakka is a large crescent shaped continent, with a towering mountain range running along the southern edge of the crescent. Unlike the other southern continents Drakka has a large peninsula going north, known as north Drakka. This peninsula is far enough north that it's able to grow trees on it, and the ports there aren't always frozen over like they would be in southern Drakka. South Drakka is what makes up the majority of Drakka, although it has a much smaller population because it is so cold and barren.

Fauna & Flora

Drakka is home to many unique species, mostly large animals with white fur that allows them to survive Drakka's frozen wastes. The seas of Drakka are home to many large animals, such as whales, sharks, krakens, and leviathans. The Drakkans frequently hunt the land and sea animals for food and profit. The continent of Drakka is home to megalos, atuagas, gennungens, ice worms, galnon, agguats, and many other unique species.

Natural Resources

South Drakka has massive amounts of valuable metals in it's southern mountains, and very large amounts of animals live in Drakka, which are hunted for their valuable furs.

Location under
Southern Continents
Owning Organization
Drakkan Empire

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