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Asheros is the leader of the akreth species, and the closest any living person is to being a god.  

Powers and Abilities

Asheros possesses extremely destructive powers, he has learned the unique ability to control nuclear fusion with magic and use all of the energy generated in the nuclear reactions he can cause to create immensely destructive blasts, and he can also channel this power into hardening around him into an unbreakable shell of absolute power. Asheros's powers are godlike in their destructive capabilities and are able to completely level entire cities or collapse mountains in singular blasts.  


Asheros was born in the Akreth capital city in the year 380. Asheros is 1/3 titan so he was always fascinated by the titans, spending years researching them. When researching the titans Asheros made an amazing discovery, he discovered how they created their unlimited energy, which was nuclear fission. Through decades of intense study and practice, asheros managed to harness this power with his own body, making his incredibly powerful, he was able to do this also becuse he was also very gifted with magic because of his titan ancestry. Later through even more research and experimentation Asheros harnessed the power of nuclear fusion, making him even more powerful. Asheros used these powers to convince his people that he was a god, and once he did that he became the ruler of the akreth people.

Physical Description

Body Features

Asheros had obsidian coloured skin

Year of Birth
380 (500 years old)
Current Residence
Asheros lives in the outlands

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