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Asheros is an extremely advanced cyborg who was created by the New Shorian Empire's greatest engineers to serve as the ultimate weapon of war. He was loyal to the Shorians for years, but he eventually left the New Shorian Empire and went to live in Dragnir, where he currently resides.  


Asheros was born in 852 in the New Shorian Empire. His early life is mysterious, but it's known that he lived in an orphanage for much of his early life. He was adopted by Sigrund Hrani, a genius engineer and inventor, at age 4, and until he was 20 he was raised in a world surrounded by Shorian propaganda, which lead to him becoming fiercely loyal to the New Shorian Empire. He continued his life as a somewhat loyal Shorian citizen, and he also became a very skilled engineer. He was also intensively trained in various effective martial arts, and he gradually became a very skilled and agile fighter.   At the age of 20, Asheros was used as the subject of Sigrund Hrani's greatest scientific experiment of all time. His brain and vital internal organs were removed from his physical body, enhanced with powerful machinery, and then transplanted into a mechanical body, which he has remained in ever since. This body represents the absolute highest pinnacle of human technology ever reached, and possibly the most powerful machine ever constructed. This body is stronger and faster than nearly any human ever to exist, and it can generate an immense amount of power that manifests on powerful arcs of lightning coursing throughout the body. His brain was mechanically augmented too, increasing his agility and reaction time massively, making him more agile than almost any human ever to exist.   With his willingness to do anything for the New Shorian Empire, and his extremely powerful robotic body, he was sent off to northern Lenuria, in order to fight in the New Shorian Empire's wars of conquest there. During this time, he killed hundreds of the Shorian Empire's enemies, and this whole time he truly felt like he was doing the right thing. He continued fighting for the Shorian Empire for years, always seeing what he was doing as completely justified. This continued for 6 years until he was sent off to the outlands to prove himself against the powerful kulaks of Grimoria. During this time he was brought to a faraway place, completely away from any influence by the New Shorian Empire, and in this time he was able to gain a new perspective on the world. During this time, he spent many days alone in the wild, and connecting to nature in this was changed his world view greatly. He was also able to immerse himself in other cultures, which was something he had never done in a meaningful way before. Asheros chose to spend 3 years in the outlands, and eventually he was able to realize that he was being lied to for his whole life and manipulated by the propaganda of the Shorian Empire. After this he came to resent the Shorian Empire, and Sigrund Hrani for using him as a weapon of war. He also gained a new respect for human life, and soon came to feel great regret for the hundreds he had killed in the past.   After gaining a new perspective on his life, he decided to defect from the New Shorian Empire and move to the tiny country of Dragnir. Dragnir happily accepted him into their country due to his incredibly powerful robotic body and his engineering skills. Asheros has become very supportive of Dragnir's cause, and he's become a sort of mechanical thunder warrior that defends Dragnir from invasion and outside threats.  


Asheros's entire outer appearance is that of a robotic human male. He is covered in plates of hardened durnium armour. Underneath the armour is a fully mechanical body made up of wires, and mechanical parts. Asheros's face is made up of a large plate of metal that's shaped like a grim carved face, with glowing red eyes. Asheros has power over lightning, and bolts of blue lightning will arc out of his body when he uses a great amount of his energy to boost his physical power.  

Powers and Abilities

Asheros possesses some of the greatest physical strength, speed, and agility in the known world. He has an extremely heightened reaction time, being able to react in mere milliseconds and he can move his limbs far beyond human speed, letting him run, climb, dodge, and strike incredibly fast. He is also incredibly strong. His mechanical body can produce truly incredible force, allowing him to punch through armour and shields, destroy guns and blades with his fists, and smash through walls and barriers as if they were nothing.   The massive amount of energy produced by Asheros's body is so great that he can use this energy as an attack, allowing him to shoot out lightning from his body, or he can use his lightning to enhance his attacks. Asheros has retractable blades running along his forearms made out of extremely strong rare metal. These blades will also sharpen themselves when they are brought out/retracted. These blades can also be infused with lightning, further enhancing their power. Asheros can even further enhance his agility, speed, and strength by supercharging his body with the energy generated by himself. When he does this, arcs of lightning will course throughout his body.

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