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The caster links the souls of themself and up to 3 willing targets. All will share a common HP pool and have their damage enhanced. If someone moves more than 120 feet way from the group, the person is disconnected and will drop to 0 hp, thus falling unconscious. The caster can end the spell as an reaction.

If the spell ends, the remaining HP in the pool will be divided equally between all characters.

Casting this at a higher level spell slot will add 0.1 to both damage and hp.

This spell can change the tide of a battle. Big reward, but if one goes down, all go down. Most sane people won't use it unless they really have to.


Depending on the amount of people linking up, the following bonuses will apply:
Amount Damage multiplier Health multiplier
2 1.2 1.1
3 1.4 1.2
4 1.5 1.4

Side/Secondary Effects

If any of the soullinked characters get downed, all of them do.


After casting the spell, a thin sliver of silk-like energy weaves between all the characters. This energy is colored based on their alignment. The energy slivers at the end, connecting to the target, slightly colors to their alignment.

The colors for the alignemts are: Emerald when the caster's alignment is good.
Amber for neutral aligned casters.
Garnet colored for evil aligned casters.


The spell was recorded by Tristan Dawes, a follower of the light god Boher. According to legend, he prayed to Boher during the Siege of EmberVale. During the siege, it looked dire for EmberVale. Boher answered the prayer with the Soullink spell, which eventually tied the battle and stopped the advance of the Othron Empire.
Related Deity/Higher Power
Effect Duration
1 hour
Effect Casting Time
1 action
60 feet to cast, 120 feet afterwards
Applied Restriction
Line of sight needed.


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