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Shadow Keep

The keep used by the Shadow Empire .


The Shadow Keep is not located in Paldurog, it is in another dimension. Only through specialized portals people can visit.


Commonly sorcerers create portals inside of an archway made of black quartz with golden decorations. It is up to the sorcerer what color the portal itself is. The color and location of the portal are used to identify them.



The throne-room is at the end of end of the primary hall on the ground floor. Amidst 6 golden statues at the end of the room, a large black wooden throne with golden inlays is located. At both sides of the room, there are comfortable wooden benches with cushions. At the entrance, 12 full-plate armors are positioned next to the entrace door.


There are 16 bedrooms available in the keep on the first floor. They are all 8x6m large with a king sized bed, closet and chest.


At both the ground and the first floor, 2 toilets are located.


At the first floor, 2 bathrooms with bathtubs are located.

Meeting room

The meeting room on the ground floor has space for 50 people around a grand table.


At the second floor, there are 2 study rooms. These have a desk and a large comfortable chair.


On the second floor, there is a large library filled with books and magical artifacts. The rare books are in a seperate pocket dimension, which only the Duke or librarian can open.


Below the keep, there is the vault. This vault is protected by large dragonic contructs and various lethal spells.
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Black Keep
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