In Paldurog, there's a drink called raspre. This drink acts like a stimulant, much like coffee.


The first recorded brewing of raspre was in 772 in Greenwheel. A peasant showed the king how to create a drink that would keep himself, or any of his subjects awake longer. After a decade of usage by the royal family, the process of growing the raspre berry in fields was perfected. In the year 800, the Abrana king made it the country's specialty.


Raspre has spread throughout the countries of Paldurog primarily after the year 800. While some berries were smuggled out of the country before, this was not done in large quantities. After making it the national drink, export was slowly setup and other countries started importing it and also consuming it. Nowadays, raspre can be found everywhere.

Process of making

While the raspre berry was originally found in bushes in the wild native to Abrana, farmers have made it much more manageable to grow and harvest the berries. After harvesting, the berries are dried in the sun for a day before being squished for the juices. This process is called mativicting the raspre berry. The drying of the berries is to preserve the sweet flavor the berries have.


The juice that comes from the berry is thick. To produce the famed raspre, this has to be mixed with hot water. The heat in the water breaks down a substance called frigualic in the juice, making it almost as thin as water.


Much like coffee or tea, raspre can be used in a variety of drinks. Some examples are as follows.


1/7 Raspre juice
6/7 Boiling water
Add sugar, milk or salt for extra flavoring.

On the foam

1/7 Raspre juice
4/7 Boiling water
2/7 Foamed milk
Add sugar or salt for extra flavoring.


2/7 Raspre juice
5/7 Boiling water
Add sugar, milk or salt for extra flavoring.


3/7 Raspre juice
4/7 Boiling water
Add sugar, milk or salt for extra flavoring.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Base Price


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