A blue glow illuminates the atmosphere as each day begins with a rising blue sun. A yellow sun follows behind and gives chase, only to come up short every evening as the horizon gives way to radiant blue hues.

Beneath the two suns dance of color across the skies, you find a world that has run out of magic. A council now manages the small traces of magic that remain in the world. The leaders have learned a way to harness the power from great elementals and create stones from that power they can use in place of magic.

Over time, the lack of real magic has taken a toll on the lands and they are spreading out looking to find a way to cultivate their land again and restore it's vitality.

With these stones they are harnessing, technology has boomed because sources of magic are now itemized instead of harnessed by individuals. Think steampunk, but with ranges of powerful stones instead of steam.

Created by

GM Leigh @GM.Leigh

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Outer World Timeline

The Rending

2123 4294

The five metalic dragon gods have their souls to bring an end of magic to the world. Their sacrifice was to prevent an impending force from coming to their world and harnessing its magical force

  • 165

    Elemental Stone Discovery
    Discovery, Scientific

    The first of the Elemental Stones were discovered in what is now known as Umbra

  • 1188

    Border Wars began
    Military action

  • 1221

    Nahl - month of Living

    Treaty of Lands
    Civil action

    An agreement was drafted to split the southern land into the six regions.

  • 1239

    The first airship took flight
    Scientific achievement

  • 1605

    New Auris was built
    Construction beginning/end

    The capital of Levant was built

  • 2170

    The Masters are founded
    Civil action

Age of Masters

4294 and beyond

  • 0

    The Masters are founded
    Civil action

  • 351

    Giants Wars
    Military action

  • 351

    Faas - month of Fear

    The quest to restore magic begins

  • The Year of the Rising

    Revenant was formed
    Political event

    A political group formed to ensure the safety of magic users across the world.

  • 399

    Rebelion erupted
    Civil action

    Resistance started with the remaining public group of Lycanthropes, working to diminish the presence of the new government enforcement to register magic users.