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Excerpt from page 3 of Jericho Shale's "Arcanitritum: Dangers Of A Dead Stone"  
The properties of Arcanitritum are quite fascinating. It appears that it both looks and smells different to those who do and do not use magic. People without any magical ability, such as myself, seem to see a color that they find most pleasing. That phenomenon is even stronger with events.   I, for one, see a deeper turquoise than I ever imagined possible. At first I thought I smelt the scent of pine. On my second interaction I realized that the smell is more akin to the sent of the forest after a heavy summer rainfall. Clean, crip, and pure.   However, anyone with a semblance of magical ability seems to experience the exact opposite. The most vile colours and scents evade their senses. It appears the higher the magical ability the worse the sensational overload   Mention of scents such as rotten eggs and sewage have been thrown around.   However, these properties aren't the most intriguing ones. Arcanitritum has the ability to negate magic within a small area around it.   Thank God this is the rarest of mineral. Only being found in the remotest of regions in the south.For without it I feel that the world would be in the gravest of danger.   The ability to negate magic would surely cause war and large a power shift. Any kingdom controlling a large amount of Arcanitritum would be powerful beyond believe. Perhaps even conquering the world. With enough an Arcanitritum, one would be able to negate many of the world most prestigious armies.   We don't know to what extent of magic it negates as of yet, but our hypothesis is that it may be able to negate magic that brought someone back from the dead, sending them back, or even the innate magic of dragons.   It truly is a dead stone and yet seems almost magical in it's ability to negate magic...
  We are unsure as of yet to the exact properties of Arcanitritum, commonly referred to as Deadstone. For very little of the material has been found. All examples of aforementioned material have been found near the magical dead zone at the South Pole (Magical South). A place that terrifies all people, especially the natives of this land.   Therefore, the question remains... Is the magical dead zone due to this material or is the materials magic negation properties due to its location near the South Pole? We will not know until we find a team brave enough to head there for research purposes.


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