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O.R.C.H.E.S.T.R.A.T.E.D is a secretive, international organisation dedicated to the extermination of anything that they see as ‘abnormal’, that is, anything not human, not beneficial to humans, or not considered normal by humans.   They exist in the world of the supernatural, a world with everything fantasy, from werewolves to vampires, unicorns to medusas, interdimensional beings to Lovecraftian unknowns, and their goal is to eradicate it all.   They would be classic villains in any other fantasy story, except that in this case the stories are about them, not the heroes. And in these stories, they win.   It is because of them that supernatural and fantastical sightings have decreased in recent years, either through killing the creatures and monsters, or frightening them into hiding. After decades of struggle they have destroyed all their rivals, killed nearly all the heroes, and genocided species. They now have a global dominance, and a network of elite operatives and soldiers with highly advanced technology and capabilities, seeking to reach their goal, and succeeding.   But, to them, it makes sense they win, because in their eyes, they are the true heroes.