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Part 4: The Application

As he exited the transportation tube, he saw the UEU office. It was a converted library, rushed decades ago when the war started and it still serves as a regional office. He heard about lines of several kilometers in the past, but it was smooth today. After about 10 minutes he was at a registration terminal. As always with these terminals, James was immediately recognized.  
Please verify the following data.
Name:   Date of birth:   ZIP code:   House number:   Citizen ID:
James Liam Havard   2269-03-05   87331KA   11   EU44813582113

After he pressed "OK", he received a long text about the draft. He knew it was pointless to not agree to it since he'd be forced into it anyway, so he pressed "AGREED" on the screen. The screen then slowly flashed a green checkmark and showed the following message:

Please proceed to gate 6. Your friends and family have been informed about your departure.
"Well, there aren't a lot of people they'll be informing." he thought. "Apart from a few people he hangs out with, it was just colleagues I knew...".

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