Part 2: The Draft

A message appeared on James' visor.
James L. Havard, you have been selected in Universal Draft 151. Please report to the nearest United Earth Union Space Force center.
"Crap" he thought to himself, but he knew that this day would likely come. He did lose his job in the Interplanetary Species Research facility a couple of weeks ago, but he had hoped he'd be able to find a job before the draft.

  He never thought this war was a good idea, losing so many people over something that has been happening for close to 4 decades now. He was working at Interplanetary Species Research to figure out how to communicate. No Ulgari ever communicated with their own species when in captivity. We've only seen them do it in the battlefield, but recordings like those were rare. Years of his department not making progress has led to his dismissal after all. Perhaps this was his chance to figure it out first-hand? No.. He'd be foolish to think he'd survive an encounter with them on the battlefield if he didn't shoot first.

  "Well", he thought, "it's not like I'll live long anyway". It's true that the drafted people had a short life expectancy. Most died within the first month after training. The "lucky" get permanently injured, preventing them to continue, but some have to push on.

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