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Urristuid Family

The Urristuid Family was the third family to leave the Elironid tribe, which they did in 24987 AYM. They traveled east, into the Shattered Earth, where they founded the tribe of Aeginias, later spreading east across the Iagos River to found the tribes of Delphios and Conora in 24755 and 24734 AYM, respectively. Over time, Aeginias would be conquered by Uganidor in 22679 AYM, which became Vindiguz in 22658 AYM. Delphios and Conora merged into Usoltera in 22680 AYM in response to the Aeginian conquest, and a number of fierce battles (called the Usolterian Wars) occurred between Vindiguz and Usoltera from 22675 to 22661 AYM.
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