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The Tauhudarb were a breakaway tribe of the Matousai that existed from 25000 to 24720 AYM. Although the Tauhudarb and Matousai split on hostile terms during the Matousian Civil War, their relationship after was relatively mutual, with the two assisting each other during the First Varonian War (24976 AYM) and the Second Varonian War (24720 AYM), the latter of which ended with the fragmentation of the Tauhudarb into Rottol, Sachelu, and Lienorak.


The gang was governed by a central figure called the Earrenhoid, who was in charge of military operations and distribution of rations. Everyone else was given the title of Taudamon, or common man; newcomers were deemed as Ivantomun for around 3 months before they were raised to Taudamon. During this 3 month period, the Ivantomun were trained in combat and survival skills, and taught to pay homage to the Earrenhoid.
The Taudamon were the main fighting force of the Tauhudarb and made up around 90-98% of the population. They numbered around 5,000 at the height of their power in 24872-24865 AYM. The Ivantomun were given about 40% less rations than the Taudamon.

25000 AYM - 24720 AYM

Illicit, Gang
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