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The tribe of Nekara was a tribe in the Tayzem Region that lasted from 24717 to 22891 AYM. It was the second-youngest of the 6 Tayzem Tribes, and the first to fall under Lotao's control during the Tayzem Campaign.
Despite being categorized as part of the Tayzem Region, Nekara's geographical location east of the Arbin Mountain Range makes it a physical outlier. The tribe was founded by a coalition of villages originating from the nearby tribe of Varonith, and consisted of citizens of the cities of Ivonaus, Erimskel, and Eurruch. The population in 24717 AYM was around 250; the population grew rapidly, up to around 5,000, from its inception until 24713 AYM, as more and more Varonians from the three towns as well as several other cities including Vairdim, Laomohud, and Auffaren joined the community, which settled northwest of Varonith, secluded from others via the Arbin Mountain Range.


The Nekarian kingship was created in 24710 AYM, and is called the Rahumat. This position's power was very limited, and was dictated by the Nekarian Constitution, which was written in 24711 AYM. The populace of the tribe was sorted into small sections based on which town they came from, and a small group of each section served as personal advisors for the Rahumat.


The Ibrovinids that were to become the tribe of Nekara lived in around 10 cities near the northern border of the Varonith tribe. These included the aforementioned towns of Ivonaus, Erimskel, Eurruch, Vairdim, Laomohud, and Auffaren; however, small minority groups were also present from more southern areas like Ferant, Hivoer, and Ojjeirin. Other potential yet unconfirmed places of origin include Calladou and Gaudumn.
Despite this wide array of cities, they all were situated in the sphere of influence of a notorious gang called the Tauhudarb, which was led by Eswontall. This group targeted many of the aforementioned cities with robberies and mass killings, and this plagued the citizens, so much so that many of them banded together into a rudimentary militia called the Iovantief to attempt to curb the attacks. Over the years, the Iovantief would disperse throughout several towns and would safeguard the cities constantly. However, the Tauhudarb, via several internal spies and double agents within the Iovantief, were aware of their plannings, and seeing them spread out in multiple towns, they decided to attack each one separately.
First came the Eurruch massacre of 5 Anta-Eimarae, 24720 AYM, where the Iovantief in the town were overrun and killed, alongside most of the civilians. Only 10 people survived many of whom fled on foot to the many towns of Erimskel and Auffaren, where they spread the news. In Auffaren, the civilians joined the Iovantief stationed there in arms, whereas the morale in Erimskel dwindled drastically, to the point where many fled north, forming the basis of the Nekara tribe. This reduction in the overall strength, both physically and mentally, made them easy targets for the Tauhudarb, and just 13 days after the Eurruch massacre, Erimskel fell to Tauhudarian forces. Auffaren would suffer the same fate just 1 month later, in 27 Ulta-Eimarae. Vairdim, however, a large trade-oriented town, was useful to the Tauhudarb, and so they spared it. For Imohaus and Laumohud, who were to the south of Vairdim, they were taken on the same day, 2 Suta-Eimarae, as the Iovantief could not station forces there. However, the king of Vairdim, Fahridon, upon seeing the destruction of Imohaus and Laumohud, the latter of which was his hometown, mustered up an army, 5,000 strong, and went out to meet the Tauhudarb in the outskirts of Imohaus in 7 Suta-Eimarae. The two sides clashed furiously, and both Fahridon and Eswontall were mortally wounded. Both armies' numbers were decimated, and the remnants of the Tauhudarb scattered and joined other gangs. Fahridon would recover from his injuries, but Eswontall, the leader of the Tauhudarb, would die 2 months after the battle. Fahridon, too weak to govern, migrated north to the Nekara tribe, and remained there until his death.

24717 AYM - 22891 AYM

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