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Kheosir, then called Kylimir, was a subtribe of Kaultedt and a member of the Kaultedt Family. It is famous for becoming a central figure in the Kheosir-Ipiasir War, the first conflict in the Kaultedtian Wars.
Before the Kaultedt tribe's official departure from Elironid, Kheosir was created during the Crisis of 24982 AYM, on 25 Anta-Eimarae, as a means of resistance against the growing chaos and disorder. These types of subtribes were called Arkheotor, from which Kheosir derived its name. This group was made primarily of craftsmen, who used their services instead to defend and support themselves as well as other Arkheotors. In this way they quickly became one of the most self-sufficient groups in the Crisis, and therefore suffered relatively little casualties in the fighting.


Kheosir was created during the 24982 AYM Crisis as one of the Arkheotor, a subtribe formed as protection against the chaos and destruction. It was formed by Gezden, a master craftsman and the son of Eskhirom. He recruited his fellow craftsmen to the group and, on 3 Ulta-Eimarae, moved their headquarters to the western border between Elironid and the outside. This relative solitude allowed the group to flourish, and their status as an Arkheotor (from which the tribe got its name) linked itself with other Arkheotor, including Iristyir, Erdarir, and Thizor, all of whom relied on Kheosir for weapons and tools during the Crisis. This dependency elevated Kheosir's status to the Hatarkheotor, or the Chief Arkheotor, in 13 Ulta-Eimarae.
This newfound title attracted attention from the Artalor, the groups advocating for anarchy within the Family, and the Ardunir, the groups advocating for the reinstating of Eskhirom as head. Zibaner, an Arkheotor, volunteered to move their HQ to a house between Kheosir and the chaos in the east, and, bolstered by aid from Kheosir, they were able to sustain and protect against a multitude of attacks by both the Artalor and Ardunir. This period lasted until 15 Geta-Eimarae, when Zumiza, the Hyvamto-Re-Elironid, issued an eviction notice, forcing the Family out of the tribe. Before they set sail, Gezden signed the Ymolat Pact on behalf of Kheosir, alongside all the other subtribes, which guaranteed safe passage during the month they spent drifting across the ocean.


Kheosir was assigned a coastal region in the southwestern corner of the territory. It constitutes of coastline around 15 km wide, blocked off by an impassable cliffside that contains mounds of sand and dust. In the coasts, the speed and depth of the waters in the Blipormus Strait, whose entrance is located just south of their territory, resulted in consistent tides and a steady refill of nutrients. The strait's jagged cliffsides also gradually grow into shape as one goes along the coast, creating a significant difference in height and geology; the coastal mud and sand is extremely firm yet pasty, and was used extensively to grow crops, while atop the cliffs, the ground is constituted of loose, coarse sand, devoid of any substantial sources of energy. 
The drastic differences in life sustainability the two halves of Kheosir's territory exhibit caused around 13-14 of the 18 total towns constructed in the tribe's history to be situated along the coast. For those in the desert sand, they were never quite given the chance to prosper, as conflict with Ipiasir started soon after, but those in the coast were able to withstand and even bounce back from the Ipiasians' and later Belhubyrians' attacks.
Founding Date
25 Anta-Eimarae
Guild, Craftsmen
Parent Organization
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