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The tribe of Kairn was a large tribe located in the Blivonic Valley, and encompassed the majority of the Kairn River System, Koi Mountain Range, and Volain Forest. The tribe also contained within it the tribe of Elironid, which acted as a separate entity with its own government and civilians. The majority of Kairian civilians was of that of the Ylaeintugh Family, whose members also founded the nearby tribes of Varonith and Uganidor. The Capital City was Epelsy, located in the Volain Forest, while other major cities include Ipotua and Binavai.
The tribe of Kairn was formed in 25030 AYM by members of the Ylaeintugh Family, who left the Elironid by sailing up the Kairn River System. They subsequently split over their differing opinions regarding the Elironid tribe; those that despised the tribe went westward and formed the tribe of Varonith alongside the earlier, individual settlers of the area. This that stayed in the area north of the Volain Forest became the Kairn tribe, united in their favorable opinions of the Elironid tribe. From 25030 to 22699 AYM, Kairn and Varonith-Callauz, the division of the Varonith tride specially consisting of those from the Ylaeintugh Family, feuded. The Varonians had diverted their attention from Kairn itself, but rather the Elironid tribe specifically, and conducted many raids and skirmishes in vain attempts to capture the city. 
In 22699 AYM, Varonith-Callauz, who had partnered with Tiamthur in 22713 AYM, commenced their invasion of the Kairn tribe. Strengthened by Tiamthurrian troops, they easily defeated the Kairian army and captured the Elironid Tribe, which by now was deserted after a flash flood in 22711 AYM. The majority of Kairian citiens went into hiding in the Volain Forest, where they underwent major reforms and became the tribe of Hymlona.


The Ylaeintugh Family, like all other families in the Elironid tribe, occupied a twelfth of the total tribe land. The Family's reputation was very troublesome in regards to politics; members of the family would suggest ideas that, according to the rest of the tribe, seemed very unnecessary and outlandish. However, no surviving records go into much specifics about the ideas they produced. Nevertheless, the Family became increasingly ignored and cast aside, and the rest of the tribe generally saw them as a waste of space. In 25032 AYM, Anyrozs, a king of the Urristuid Tribe, issued the Declaration of 25032 AYM, which allowed the departure of tribe members.
In 25030 AYM, the Ylaeintugh Family left all at once; the family immediately fractured upon departure. The most distressed members were predominantly angry about the tribe's ignorance of their ideas and threatened to invade and rule over the Elironid tribe, while others were more tactful and resolutely against military action. Those of the latter half became the Kairn tribe, while the former became the basis for the Varonith and later the Varonith-Callauz tribe. The Kairn and Varonith tribes feuded constantly, from 25030 to 22699 AYM. The Varonith tribe launched attacks almost year-round, mostly on the southwestern border between the two tribes. Kairn also led attacks into Varonian territory, although those were scarce and never went far. 
The Leader of Kairn, called the Fariadnotucal-Toum or the Fanotucaltoum for short, primarily coordinated battle and defense strategies as well as foreign relations. This role wass created in 25029 AYM, and from then on until 22699 AYM, 22 Ibrovinids have taken on the role of Fanotucaltoum.

25030 - 22699 AYM

Geopolitical, Tribe
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