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Fariniath Family

The Fariniath family was the second of the twelve families to leave the Elironid tribe, which they did in 25000 AYM. They founded the tribe of Lotao and later, in 22888 AYM, merged with the other 5 tribes of the Tayzem Region, creating the country of Blivon.


In its early history, the Fariniath Family was a large and prosperous group in the Elironid tribe. Its demise was most likely brought on by the spread of Umisia, an infection carried through the Ibrovinid's gel-like secretions at the base of each foot. By 25001 AYM, there were only 20 Farinians left: Samureo and his three sons, Tarjire and his 3 sons, Adenei and his 2 sons, Rovernal and his son Tanelden, the brothers Hemdar and Keuvet, and Echturar, Onestaw, Athalur, Imenak, and Ketelm.
A prominent side effect of umisia, both before and after death, is the uncontrollable flow of the gel out of the foot, and as such, the ground was constantly damp with the infected gel. This forced the surviving Farinians to move elsewhere, and since other families did not want to admit them for fear of spreading the illness even further, they left the tribe entirely in 4 Nota-Eimarae, 25000 AYM, by sailing upstream on the Kairn River.
They sailed northwest and landed in 7 Nota-Eimarae just west of the Volain Forest, in Varonian territory. Ketelm, Echturar, Athalur, Hemdar, and Adenei and his sons all decided to stay at Gaudumn, a Varonian city, and there the travelers were alerted to the Matousai, independent groups of bandits living in the southern cities of Varonith. The remaining members traveled south along the western edge of the Volain Forest until they reached the Koi Mountain Range, at which point they went west to the fishing town of Yudghewit. Rovernal, Tanelden, Onestaw, Imenak, and Tarjire's sons all settled there in 11 Nota-Eimarae, because of the abundance of fish. Therefore, only Samureo and his three sons as well as Tarjire were all that remained of the travelers.
In 15 Nota-Eimarae, Tarjire, Samureo, and his sons left Yudghewit, traveling along the coast and, upon reaching the Arbin Mountains, going north along the mountains. On 17 Nota-Eimarae, when they were west of Taihind, the Matousai attacked them, most likely from the town of Monmot, and in the battle Tarjire was killed and Murhane, the eldest of Samureo's sons, was critically injured, leading to one of his legs being amputated.
Samureo and his sons then crossed the Arbin Mountains and settled on the coast of the Merios Lake.
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