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Eldrond is a language that is spoken by roughly 30% of Ibrovinids on Olivarenith. It was the main language of the Elironid; as the families spread all across the Urnimrine continent and later populated Julvahest and even Bluzaquin, the Eldrond language spread. Most of the tribes kept their Elironidian roots; however, Ardunioz, a tribe descended from Varonith-Callauz, instead formed a new language, Ariduro, which mixed with Eldrond to become Illibrivroni, the main language on the planet nowadays.
Today, Eldrond is spoken primarily in isolated, sparsely-populated regions. It is an official language in all 15 countries, and its speakers make up the majority of the population in Klemer-Umbulat, Naeirouna, and Yertungel.


The tenses of Eldrond consist wholly of changes to the verb. All verbs end with -al in their base form, and present tense gets rid of that last L. For example, senomal, to grow, becomes senoma in present tense.
For past tense the verb gains another A instead of losing an L; senomal thus becomes senomala.
For future tense the verb loses but the A and the L; senomal thus becomes senom. For progressive tenses the verb gains another AB at the beginning.
Senomal becomes absenoma for present progressive, absenomala for past progressive, absenom for future progressive.


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