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Auvarnall was the second king of Lotao from 21 Suta-Eimarae, 24811, to 4 Nota-Eimarae, 24749 AYM, after the death of his uncle and first king of Lotao, King Ivaegoss. He greatly expanded the scope of government control that was established by his uncle, creating an army and new towns all around the land. He lived from 14 Yota-Eimarae, 24994 AYM, to 4 Nota-Eimarae, 24749 AYM.



Early Life

  Auvarnall was the oldest of the 4 children made by the brothers Kiulamm and Murhane, the others being Iunituk, Karutsid, and Gijetor. He lived in Xievre until 24988 AYM.
Parents (Adopting)


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