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The country of Ardunioz was a large empire that ruled from 24525 to 21178 AYM. Its kingdom was situated directly north of the Elironid, covering around 73% of the Blivonic Valley at its peak. Stretching the vast majority of this territory was the Yulithilm, located in Nolyel, the capital of Ardunioz, a large underground network and tunnel system.
Ardunioz is known for its complete divergence from Elironidian culture, including the complete formation of a new language, Ariduro, as well as the creation of a new religion. Even today, Ardunioz is the only tribe to have experienced such a drastic overhaul of culture.



Ardunioz was founded in 24540 AYM by remnants of Varonian citizens. Varonith was a sparsely-connected collection of towns to the west and northwest of Elironid. Plagued by widespread chaos, many citizens wished for these towns to be connected under one complete set of rules, and many even went back to Elironid. However, because they had previously left the tribe, most Varonians were hesitant to return, and instead they formed their own tribe in 24540 AYM. This original territory covered around 5 towns (Eurruch, Inruuixos, Aworrak, Renaine, and Garust) in the northeast region of Varonith.

Rise to Dominance

The Ardunioz Tribe's rise to dominance is largely credited to the Varonian Civil War, which lasted from 24538 to 24533 AYM. Following the rapid conquest of Sangus by the alliance of Rottol and Sachelu, now under the new name of Artal, Ardunioz underwent massive changes to its government. This was primarily driven by fear, as Artal was now at Ardunioz's doorstep, and the still-relatively-new Ardunioz hadn't created an army yet.
From 24540-24538 AYM they struggled to establish a government, with a simple set of laws presiding over all involved towns. It was only when the Ardunir, a group of Kaultedtians and refugees of the Kaultedtian Wars joined the group that the first government was established, in the form of a dual monarchy, with Hauseld's son Enchaor serving as the first war-leader and Kalnalir became the first civil-leader of Ardunioz, a name meaning "New Ardunir" in Eldrond.
Through the Unity Pact, where each city would give an army of 4,500, Enchaor created the first vestiges of Ardunian power, and

24525 - 21178 AYM

Geopolitical, Empire
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